Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Calendar Girls

Somehow the dogs in this family are better dressed than the humans. Here's Dee sporting her Christmas gear and looking really happy about having to wear it. In fact, if you could read her mind I think it would be x-rated.

Next up is Bailey girl sporting next month's Easter outfit. Once again, happiness does not ooze from her dismal face. Unlike Dee, who only thinks bad thoughts of her humans, Bailey probably gave many four letter huffs to her slave Jaimee.

While the girls chose holiday gear, Mr. Wrigley obviously prefers a more laid back approach to life. From the photo below, it appears he's ready for vacation. Of course, he deserves it after the year he's had watching over his new baby girl.


  1. That last picture isn't Wrigley; it's Bailey. Note the pink nose.

  2. Oh well, pretend it's him! I'm too lazy to correct it.