Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm In Love With A New Couple

My old friends are gone and there's a new couple in my life. She cries a million tears every time she sees me, and he dries up all those wet tears with his strong, hot breath. Hmmmm, if it seems to be getting a little steamy in this post... well, yes, they do steam clean too!

My old Kenmore washer and dryer lasted 8 years. The dryer's handle broke 6 months ago, but I was still able to open it, and it dried so well still that I just persevered on. Then last Tuesday the washer stopped spinning and the door wouldn't open, so Bill had to force the door open to get my good sheets out. This spoke to me as time to get a new set. My two old friends seemed well past their prime, but were salvaged by a friend just the night before the new ones were delivered. Image our shock to learn that doing an average of 8 loads per week, it will only cost us $12 for one whole year of washing. I had to get started right away!

Interesting note is that, when the delivery man from Lowes set up the dryer, I discovered that the old dryer vent had been installed backwards 5 years ago when we moved here. hmmm, no wonder it blew so much more dust out than it had in our old house in Albuquerque. See, this flange is supposed to attach to the dryer and have the hose run from it to the wall vent. But they had installed this flange to the wall vent and only the hose connected to my dryer.

When the new pair first arrived, it seemed so overwhelming to learn how to operate them that I promptly went to bed and took a nap at 2:30 on Friday afternoon. When Bill got home and woke me up, it didn't seem so complex any more and I was able to operate them without reading the thick manual that accompanied them. Good thing I took that back to laundry duty.


  1. They look awesome! When our current set goes, I am definitely investing the money in a set like that. Happy laundering!

  2. I've been dumped for a major household appliance!

  3. Why does a post about your washer and dryer start off with a sultry self-portrait?