Saturday, May 22, 2010

Now All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down

In looking through my pictures lately, it dawned on me that Mike and Jaysa's years spent together before parenthood were just one big training event for Mike. For instance, take my favorite pictures from cousin Kim's wedding. Mike wasn't just leading the conga line in these pictures, he was practicing for the future. See this arm and body movement bears a similar resemblance to...

this picture of Mike putting on his vacuuming moves...

...AND, this variation of him leading the conga line strongly resembles...

...Mike doing the cooking in the kitchen on Mother's Day.

When we get towards the end of the conga line night, we find Mike "exhausted" from all the physical activity.

...much like this picture below of him and Ben. Notice the "puke bucket" that Jaysa so tenderly placed by his head has been replaced by the TV controller these days.

The old Mike could barely keep his eyes open at the end of the night while partying with his "Mate". And the same can be said for the new Mike...

Well ... maybe the new Mike doesn't bother to keep his eyes open while partying with his "Mate", but I'm sure Jaysa doesn't mind being replaced by such a cute little party animal!


  1. Yep, Mike has definitely traded in his party days for family time. Now he likes old man activities, like golf, fishing, and napping. :-)

  2. Life has really, really changed for us in the last couple of years.