Saturday, May 15, 2010

Too Old For The Mosh Pit

Last night Gampy and I went to the ZZ Top concert in town. When the tickets went on sale last month while Gampy was on travel, I bought them via the Internet. Being that this was my first time to buy tickets for a concert, I hit the button for "best available" thinking the more you pay the better the seats will be. It came back with "Floor Seat, Row 20, Seats 12 & 13". So of course I hit purchase, planning to surprise my ZZ Top fan when he got home.

Now, it will make you gasp to find that at age 60, I have only been to one outside Beach Boys concert in my whole life. So imagine my surprise to find that those expensive floor-seating tickets meant that I found myself being blasted by the music while having to stand up for the whole show if I wanted to see anything. Sit down people! And the worse part was the truly loyal fans (read the ones who like to wear zoot-type suits and big men's fedoras) are the ones who will shell out the money for the floor seats, so there I found myself behind two big guys in hats that blocked my sight, as well as hurt my sensibilities!

What was there to do but buy two beers and sit down in the dark below all those over age hippies and wait out the show. The guy next to me offered me a set of earplugs, which he and his 2 companions had in their ears...why come to a concert just to block out the music? You gotta love ZZ Top fans, and I do love one of them or you wouldn't have found me drowning my sorrows in that beer last night.


  1. For you to drink a beer, things must have seemed pretty bleak.

  2. Well, now I know where I get my concert-going attitude. I sat through most of inxs and left a Duran Duran concert early for some of the reasons you state. I have learned that I only like really mellow acts or lawn seats. Lawn seats are where you get to sit up in the grass overlooking the concert, spread out on a blanket like a picnic. Those are just my style. Of course, zz top is not an act I would ever voluntarily go see...

  3. I told Jason you guys went to see ZZ Top and he said their concerts are known for being sort of over the top. He saw them once and they had naked women dancing on stage for the entire show. I wanted to ask, "Are you sure you were at a ZZ Top concert and not just a strip club that was playing ZZ Top on the juke box?" but I refrained.

  4. I have never been to a concert either. I once went with Jaimee and some others to a show put on by a radio station that had a few acts, but that is it. I don't feel like I am missing out. I do not like noise, I do not like crowds, and I do not like beer. I think I would not be a good time at a concert. Maybe I'd go with lawn seats like Jenn mentioned...maybe. Did Bill at least have a good time?