Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hope The Fireworks Don't Scare The Neighbors

This afternoon Mama Deer and her two little twins spent the afternoon sprawled out on the green grass where the aerobic septic sprays the cleaned water out. Mama was eyeing my plants and shade inside the fence. I'm sure she was plotting how to get in and eat the new shoots. I got my camera and went out onto the back porch and neither the babies or the mama seemed to care or worry about me being there aiming something at them.

All the neighborhood seems to be shooting off fireworks and all I can think of is how my old dog Ginger used to panic when she heard fireworks being shot off, and I wonder if it will bother Mama Deer and her Twins.

The deer live in the woods behind our property. I can see them moving around in the early morning after they've spent the night mauradering around the neighborhood seeing what plants they can get to before being scared off.

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