Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'll Never Be Shirley

When I was in elementary school, every Fall my mother would be overcome by the need to correct a problem that mother nature screwed up...that being (in her opinion) my lack of curly locks. I think she was way too taken with Shirley Temple and must've been utterly disappointed in my stringy, dishwater blond hair.

So, being confident she didn't need any beauty school training, she would take on the job of perming and cutting my hair, usually the NIGHT BEFORE the pictures were taken. Ugh! The result was my hair was usually fried and frizzy, and cut in a peculiar style that could only come from the need to cut off as much frizz as possible, no matter how odd the cut came out!

Note the short, short bangs and uneven bottom hair in the picture above. Every year it was the same. Imagine my surprise when my little sister told me how she would wear a coat to school on picture day (even though in Sonoma California it's "Indian Summer" during Fall and usually hot) so that she could pull it over her head and hide her "hairdo" our mom fashioned for her too.

Some styles never go out of fashion.


  1. I wished I had curly hair when I was a child. My sis had curly hair that mom fixed in sausage curls and I was so envious. I think you look very nice in the picture!

  2. Oh you look great there. I recall the torture of home perms in which my hair, well I looked like a frizz ball :-[ Shirley the tap dancin curly top loved girl who could do the pout lip truly well.

  3. Huh. Funny, my mom gave me a few bad perms, too. I guess the cycle continues. Good thing I had boys.

  4. Your post has really given me a good grin! I have a few school pictures myself where my bangs are crooked, and my hair looks like I put my finger in a light socket! ~~Good times and bad hair! ~~ :-)))

  5. You were super cute though mom, so you could rock even that hair don't.