Friday, December 31, 2010

So Long Old Me, Hello New

Do you remember the movie 'What About Mary' where the girl had gunk (for lack of a more gross word) stuck in her hair and it stuck straight up? Well, recently while snapping pictures I noticed mine did just like hers.

Here's a side view. You have to wonder how hair can go in so many wrong directions. And then I got a picture of the back, and, "Oh No!" I guess I need to look in the mirror when combing the back from now on.

I really don't know why this picture was upside down in my camera, but I think it gives a good close up of how my hair is now 2-tone as I'm trying to ride out the getting rid of the colored part so I can go back to gray.

Anyway, I got an appointment at a place someone recommended recently. When the day came I drove myself down in the old farm truck (or Texas Cadillac) that Gampy keeps leaving for me to drive while he takes my car. I'd like to say I don't know why he won't drive the truck to work, but I do know. More about that later...

If you've seen the Burt Reynolds/Dolly Parton movie, you will appreciate the shops name...

I guess I took one last shot of my hair to make sure I really did need a haircut and it wasn't a bad dream...

Yep...this "style" has to go! As I left the truck, I got a picture of my albatross in the back of the truck. I'm embarrassed to say that last August (last August???) my last trip moving stuff out of the house the day it closed was to load up the garbage can that we didn't need, but couldn't leave. It's been there every since. I guess I'm hoping someone crazier than us will say "Hey, do you want to give me that garbage can?"

...or better yet, maybe they will just steal it!

hmmm...Do you think this is why Gampy doesn't want to drive the truck down to his business office and park it in his parking place? He apparently has more class than I do.

So here's a shot of the Lil Hairhouse's front porch. This is actually classier than the inside if you can believe it.

I really like that old rug they have on the porch. I may do a drive-by some night and let it jump into the back of the truck next to the garbage can. If they catch me I won't have a hard time making them believe I'm a crazy old lady, right?

Here's a picture from my camera that they can use as a mug shot at the police station. Who put all those layers of neck under my chin????

Well, as you can see, the Hairhouse looks an awful lot like the Chicken House in that Burt Reynolds movie...

But Glen, the owner, fixed me up with a sleek little cut that will be down to the gray in no time at all.

Just to be sure, I checked out the back too to make sure that rat's nest was gone. Whew.

I was reading Toodie's blog (Babblelot) just a while ago. She was talking about whether to make resolutions or not. I think I need some.

Mine will be (1) to keep cutting my hair in a timely manner; ( 2) always look in the mirror and make sure the back of my hair is combed, and (3) to find a sucker to take this garbage can and pile of rocks that keep rolling around and clanging every time I turn a corner.

If I don't see you before Saturday, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. A snow globe in the back of your truck with every turn eh? Like the picture of you upside down lol. I have let my hair grow out and be o'naturell but don't know how to age gracefully! I'd love to drive ah pickup and kick up some dust. I need ah ladder to git in our pickup. Ennaway I am so glad I met you as you give me hope and giggles. You have a wonderful new year ya hear?

  2. Mom, I get why you have the trash can in there, but why the rocks?

  3. I sold my garbage can just like that for $20 when I moved. Have a tail gate sale out of the back of your truck on a warm day. lol
    Happy New Year!!

  4. Wow. Just, wow. I don't know where to begin. Seriously, in the past 4 months you have not found a spare moment to pull that garbage can out of your truck? And while I quite enjoyed the name of the salon, I don't know if I'd have been brave enough to try it out. I'm glad it turned out all right in the end! Happy New Year!

  5. In response to Jaimee's question, the rocks were strays that I was going to put in the bottom of a big planter to help with drainage, but haven't gotten 'round to it.

    In response to Jaysa and in my defense, my life has been hetic to say the least. I have made 3 out of 4 weekend trips (4 hours each way) in November, and in Dec I've lost track. But I can say that in the last 11 days I've driven 4 round trips and also made a trip back and forth from Sherman to Albuquerque where we spent 2 days there and two 10-hour days driving.

  6. Jaysa said exactly what I was long could it take to take the trash can out of the truck? Thirty seconds? I suppose I am glad you didn't because it does provide amusement. Love you!

  7. Hi there! Great post and love your new cut! Wanted to let you know that you won the stocking giveaway! Hope you enjoy them next Christmas! A winner is a great start to the New Year, no?! So as the saying goes, out with the old trash can and in with the new stockings, haha!

    I'll need to get mailing information from you.

    Thanks, ~Michelle

  8. Well, your new haircut looks nice! This is my first visit to your blog and I just have to tell you, the name of your blog is hilarious! You seem to be a lot of fun. Thanks for visiting my blog and following.