Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Shops Of Salado - Garden Spirits

Down in Salado, which is about 10 miles from us, there are many little shops to discover. One of my favorite shops is this little original log cabin next door to the Stage Coach Inn. The name of this place is Garden Spirits.

I love how they mix housewares with old furniture and garden things. Next time I'm down there, I'll ask to take some pictures inside. For now, we'll just have to peek in the windows.

I took a close up of the old logs and chinking. Ladies, this is the real thing! On the outside wall is an old washing machine. How would you like to use this baby each week?

On top of the washing machine is a scrub-board, which predates the washing machine as the latest laundry asset. My ex-mother-in-law is a jewell of a woman, and besides being the best cook I ever knew, she still used one of these scrub-boards to get her grand children's socks as white as the snow.

When I was a young girl in the 50's, I remember we had a washing machine with a crank wringer on top, not much newer than this one. WOW...did I just admit that publicly???

These old stone blocks look like they've been here as long as the cabin. I love the way the old things are just lying about and no one bothers them. I love the haphazard plantings too.

These benches are as cute as can be. I'm sure they wouldn't be hard for you handy women to make if you can find the aged wood. Here's some closeups for you guys, in case you feel a project coming to mind!

So ladies, if you find yourself half-way between Austin and Waco on I-35, stop in to the little town of Salado. You'll find some wonderful shops to explore. If you can't get to Texas, well drop by my blog again and I'll be featuring more Salado shops from time to time.


  1. Awesome pictures. I love to explore places like that.
    As I was growing up we used a wringer washer. I do love modern times. ;-)

  2. Oh golly do I remember those wash tubs. Oops, I jist admitted it too! Ahem...I love love those shops! Yes I do feel a project coming on. Photos would be fab. Fab? I better quit while I'm barely ahead. Gee 35 is not far away jist hundreds of miles south eh?

  3. I love these benches-now where to put one! I just joined your blog- I have been entertaining myself all morning reading back posts-you are too funny.

  4. OMGosh, I ♥ that little shop. That old washer with the washboard was my favorite Ÿ