Monday, January 31, 2011

There's A Freeze Coming

Just when I need to plant some colorful flowers in the planter boxes out front so the realtor can take pictures, the news says a freeze is coming to Texas. Saturday and Sunday it was 73 degrees, so I got suckered into thinking I could plant these petunias and marigolds.
I got out early this morning and prepared the dirt to plant, and then bought two flats of flowers. Home Depot had petunias and marigolds, Lowes had pansies. I was thinking Texas weather will be too hot for pansies in no time at all, so I went with Home Depot.

I did get them planted though...Planted right on top of the washing machine until the freeze is gone in a day or two. For now, I can get perked up every time I do some laundry.

Come on back any time you need to get a peek at some bright cheerful flowers. I'll even let you do a load or two!


  1. The flowers are lovely. I have to smile though at you anticipating a freeze when we are anticipating 20 plus inches of snow here. Oh, I am so longing for spring. :-)

  2. Hope you get your pretty flowers planted soon.
    You may be on to something with a flowerbed in the laundry room! It may just make laundry easier.

  3. good thing i look at barren trees and bushes as *natural architecture.* otherwise seeing your lovely flowers could have me sighing...LOL!

  4. ack, i'm so jealous! i wish it was time for planting up here in PA, but we're a long way away!