Thursday, March 21, 2013

Home And Garden Show

We really love the Home and Garden shows that start up in February each year. How about you? Do you attend them?
Last month, we went to one near Dallas on a Friday afternoon. We spent hours just talking to the vendors and looking at displays.
There were several landscapers with booths that had some interesting displays. My favorite was this rustic looking planter with rock border. The middle was a fountain, but apparently due to my fascination with the rock, I cut the fountain out of the three pictures I took.

This was a temporary display. That's why it's set up in a parking lot. I think this type of rocked-in flower bed would look great with a tree in the center, or the rocks and flowers could line a planting bed. Either way, it got my vote for best at the show.


  1. Haven't been to that show but want to. Was trying to talk the Mr. into going to the arboretum this weekend but it looks like it will be too cold.

  2. I missed our home and garden show this year.

  3. Oh I love those H&G shows. They get me so motivated to get cracking. I missed ours this years, bummer. Happy Easter! Blessings, Wanda

  4. Love going to our southern Spring Show and the Christmas show...always fun!