Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sandy's Cabinet Makeover

Last June, I joined Curves. I've been going 5 days a week and love it. These are my own thoughts and, believe me, no one would pay me for them!

When I first started at Curves, I noticed a darling old cabinet that needed some paint!

Of course, I volunteered to rescue it.

Some might think "refinish it", but I always think paint. In this case, Annie Sloan's Paris Gray to be exact.

It turned out too sweet for my taste.

But the owner, Sandy, liked it in the pictures, so I took it back to her to let her see it in person and decide if she wanted me to add some dark wax.

The before was sad. Some of the trim pieces were in the drawer, some pieces were missing, and the drawer itself was wonky.

I used some clamps and Elmer's wood glue to attach the thin pieces of trim back on. Sadly, I felt really crafty when it actually worked!

The wood was dried out and really brittle. I don't think anyone would want to use sandpaper on wood that's so brittle and thin.

Sandy has red at home, in her bedroom, where she plans to put the cabinet.

The more we looked at it... and thought about it... the more we thought it should be black.

So, soon little cabinet will get a coat of black paint to toughen her up a little. Not all of us can be prim and proper, right?

Hope your weekend was cool enough to enjoy it!


  1. It's pretty gray, but black will be pretty too!

  2. Great job on the cabinet.
    I went to Curves until they closed before I moved here. I loved it too.

  3. It looks GREAT! The color is perfect and I love the style of it!

  4. That little table looks wonderful! I just found out about PB's blog as well!