Thursday, January 23, 2014

Healing Time

Wild Bill has been in a medical boot up to
his knee for two weeks now. Day and
night, even while he sleeps.

Doctor today said another 4 weeks to go.
" takes longer to heal when you're older."


The up side is, with all the sitting we've
been able to see three movies in the last
week. Two depressing ones, and one
very heart-warming one:

Lone Survivor:

Good movie, great actors. Maybe because
I am a military veteran, I left the movie a
little heart-broken and totally depressed.
It was very discouraging to see the lack of
support our troops receive from our leaders.

I would say wait for the video, but
because the action in the movie will come
across better on the big screen than it will
on the video, I'd recommend paying the
movie price.

Our Rating: See It At The Movies

August: Osage County:

Good movie and great actors. Again, I left
the movie depressed. The family featured
in the movie was far from kind and loving.
In fact, for the first time in his life, Wild
Bill was happy to be an only child!

Our Rating: Wait For The Video

Saving Mr. Banks:  

We highly recommend. There are two
story lines. One features Walt Disney and
how he struggled to bring the book 
Mary Poppins to life as a movie. The 
other story line is intertwined with the
main story and brings an understanding of
what the people in the book meant to the
writer of Mary Poppins.

Our Rating: See It At The Movies 

How about you?
Have you seen any movies lately?
Tell us what you think.


  1. I don't get to the movies often, glad you and Wild Bill are getting out a little. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. I hope he heals quickly and is not too uncomfortable.

    We saw the Hobbit and we loved it.

  3. We do not go to movies any more - do not like people talking during the show. But I am looking forward to seeing all three of these movies on TV. I must tell you how amusing your post was on how you spent your holidays -I know it was not funny to you, but we have been in situations just like that. Remember - completion!

  4. I finally saw Gravity. My Mom loved it. I liked it but thought the story too fake.Too many times she could have died. I saw Osage County too and wished I'd waited for it on DVD. Made me embarrassed that it was about people in Oklahoma. We are not all hicks inclined to incest.

    I also watched on DVD. Captain Phillips. Enjoyed it. Watch All is Lost with Robert Redford and really liked it as well.

    At the theater a couple of weeks ago...saw The Wolf of Wallstreet. I loved it. But it is very dirty. Mom hated it.

    STill need to see all the others before Oscar time.

  5. My daughter's favorite movie as a child was Mary Poppins. She knows every line and every song. She loved Saving Mr. Banks.

  6. We went to see Osage. The language was really bad, but actually, I went away thinking about the complications that come when people don't live in truth. I'm afraid it isn't as far-fetched as some might think - and certainly not confined to Oklahoma! I can't quit thinking about it.

  7. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Oh, my goodness, dear friend!!!
    I am so~o~o sorry to hear about Wild Bill's boot!!!
    At least, you can look on the bright side that you're not in the middle os Spring planting and gardening!
    Take good care of yourselves.
    This weather is good for cuddling and snuggling...

  8. glad i found your blog and stopping a moment from looking the rest over to send a note to let you know that.
    I want to see "saving mr. banks" . good to hear it's worth seeing. everything else it seems lately is not worth the time to watch. i was really enjoying downton abby but not sure now if my feelings for that will last since the edith episode , she will probably be pregnant and who knows what else will happen.

  9. I have not seen any of those movies you mentioned. My husband did go see the Lone Survivor one though with some "guy" friends. He loves military movies. I've heard that the second movie you mentioned was not good and the last one you mentioned is good. So you agree with the reviews I've heard so far. We just went to see a movie today, called Shadow Recruit. It was very good.