Thursday, August 14, 2014

Enjoy One Last Laugh...

Back in the mid-80's, with little ones at home
but a need to earn money to support them, I
worked as a manager at McDonalds...
usually as the closing manager.

One late night in the drive-thru, a man
with a heavy German accent started to place
an order on the speaker, which was out
of our sight.

Suddenly an Irishman interrupted and
started to change the order, then an
Englishman butted in. Finally a Texan
overrode him and twanged that he needed

"...some cow right away..."

The high-schooler working the register
stopped giggling just long enough
to silently mouth to me:

"How many men are in that car?"

The answer was just one!
Robin Williams, with his little boy,
on an apparent late night escape!

Our town was Sonoma California and it was
gossiped that Robin Williams lived up
in the hills above us somewhere.

I imagine he's up in different hills now,
but no doubt just as zany and charming.


  1. How neat is that - to have had a conversation with Robin. I bet he was so funny. I know he is in heaven and probably making God laugh a lot. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. How great was that... my youngest daughter didn't remember who he was until I say he was in Mrs. Doubtfire, she said, oh no, not him... I love all his voices.. Such a talent:)

  3. Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing .

  4. I am just visiting here from another blog and I am so happy that I did. This little story is so sweet and such a nice way to remember a very talented man.

  5. Isn't that an experience to remember. Such a sad ending for a talented man.

  6. What a great story and memory! I am learning more and more about what an amazing man he was and it just makes it that much harder to process his death.

  7. What a sweet story - he was so very talented and made so many laugh - we'll greatly miss him