Sunday, February 8, 2015

Looks Like White's Blog

I took a vow at the first of the year to stop
painting everything white.
Therein lies the problem...
I haven't painted a thing since.

I find myself looking at pins and stored photos
and of course everything is white.
I wander over to one of my favorite blogs:

Looks Like White

But, I have noticed lately she is actually using
more color and even has yellow and gray sections.

Here's what her blog used to look like before
she went to the dark colorful side.
 Looks Like White
 Looks Like White
 Looks Like White
 Looks Like White

Looks Like White

Every time I look at one of these pictures,
I think "Dang, I could paint ___ white."

I really am trying to think up another color.
Meanwhile, finding me dreaming at


  1. It's hard to break out of a decorating style. I'm guilty of it, too and old habits are so hard to break. I'm just starting to play around with different colors and I really am enjoying my new look... :)

  2. Rivercrest Cottage,
    I adore white. . .however, I've recently begun to paint with a pale shade of grey.
    I say, "Follow your Heart", dear friend!!!
    My MoMa always said, "Whatever floats your boat."
    I'll be watching for a freshly painted piece in an upcoming post, soon!!!

  3. But white goes with everything! It's hard to say no. Makes me think of Sarah Richardson claiming something's not white, it's natural, or else a very white shade of blue. :)
    Now I'm off to be inspired at Looks Like White, thanks!

  4. I hear you. The only other color I'm attracted to at the moment is gray but grays all look green in my house. I hope you find some color inspiration.

  5. Ten years ago, my kids would sing The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" to me every time I headed to the garage to paint a piece of furniture. I guess we all go through these phases. I think now I'm more like Picasso and I'm entering my Blue Period... :-)