Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Ugliest Area

I am tired of trying all the obvious ideas
for finding the right paint color...
you've heard them before, so I won't list 'em.

The thought struck me recently to just pick our
ugliest room and make it over.
Screw the rest of the house!

I knew right away which room is the biggest eyesore
 -- it has to be an odd section of our great room.

Did the builder mean it to be an eating area?
Or a place to put a small conversation grouping?

You wouldn't believe how much time I have
wasted on this issue!

Like Oprah, I'm starting with what I know for sure:

The odd-sized window needs trim to make it tall
enough to match the French doors.

I will never be happy until the trim is white.

All that dark brown furniture is a drag.

The yellow-beige walls are not for me.

So, like Nike, just gonna' do it!

In case you missed me, we were driving back and
forth across the desert from Texas to San Diego
and back...which, as you can tell...leaves a lot of
time for thinking and problem-solving.

Our oldest daughter slipped while out hiking and
broke several bones in her ankle/leg and had to be
med-evacuated by helicopter out of the hills.

She's recovering well now. As a good blogger
does, she got lots of selfies. My favorite is her
hospital pic while waiting for surgery. 
What a trooper:

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Oh mercy, I hope your daughter is ok. That sounds dramatic!!

    I love your idea of attacking the worst part. Get that behind you and you'll feel better. I wonder if you hang curtains at the height of the doors..would that make you happy?

  2. I can soooooo relate.

    I loved your Oprah approach: start with what you know.

    And what a great idea to balance the window trim with the French doors.

    Your daughter is a real trooper-
    that sounds painful.

  3. We have an odd area off our great room, too-ours is self inflicted cuz we rehabbed this house. I have tried several different ways to do this area and it has never been quite right.

    So sorry about daughter. That is flat out scary stuff! I hope she recovers fully with no long lasting effects. xo Diana

  4. Your poor daughter! I hope she is healing well. Builders do like to stick us with at least one problem area in a house. Can't wait to see how you tie it all together.

  5. Oh wow so sorry about that very scary ordeal, but that had to be a gorgeous trip once the scare was over

  6. T'will be interesting to see the finished product! (Glad your daughter's recovery is going well)

  7. So sorry to hear about your daughter's fall. I hope she mends quickly. So nice you went to her like a Momma would. Now I am not sure what that area was designed for.

  8. I can't imagine you have an ugly area in your home. Having said that, knowing what you want to use the area for might help. I'm constantly looking for an area to sit and read in quiet, without wanting to get up and DO something, like paint, or sew, or embroider... I do like your idea of making the windows look evener, how will you do that? Looking forward to your transformation.

  9. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Oh, my goodness!!!
    Sorry to hear of your daughter's accident, dear friend!!!
    Prayers coming your way for healing!!!
    I agree. . .just DO IT!!!
    I see a ton of potential in that area. . .but agree to trim out the window!!!
    I, too ( after 13 years) had grown weary of the yellow~hued paint on our walls. Not a day goes by that I don't tell "Mr. Ed", "I love the color of our walls!" He agrees!!!
    I'll be watching for reveals!!!

  10. ahhh, she is adorable...and bless her heart, I hope she is doing much better now.
    I know what you mean about UGLY...when we moved into the Summer House, with all the TeraCotta colored walls, I knew I was going to have to paint...we did the large master bedroom in a warm, very light paint called Natural Wicker. with snow white trim...love it to the moon and back. Bet you would like it. I, too, always want white trim.
    Now, can you have a board cut the length of your window, making a heavy, substantial shelf with beautiful corbals and put taller things on it...so as to match the height of your door?

  11. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do. Exciting!!!

  12. o my, delema, I hope your daughter is doing well now.. and home task.. I have a whole house to empty out and repair. so I completely understand.. Happy Mother's day with love Janice

  13. I hope your daughter is doing good and well on her way to recovery now. Don't know how I missed your post. Can't wait to see what you do to the room. And, Happy Mother's Day!

  14. I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter was hurt like that while she was hiking and I pray that she is doing better now. I like your approach in tackling your room... just do it. I'm curious to see what color you choose because for me, choosing paint colors is always the hardest part.

    Oh and Happy Mother's Day... :)

  15. That's terrible about your daughter. Our son broke his ankle on a canoe trip over a year ago, and it was a long time healing. Hope your daughter heals quickly. I think your "just do it" plan is great and your list of "things I know" is also good - especially the part about the white trim. Good luck with the project!

  16. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope she has a speedy recovery. I know redoing a space can be a bit overwhelming but try to enjoy the process. It will pay off at then end, you'll see. Happy decorating.


  17. Hope your sweet daughter is ok!
    I love your plans for your guest room. Adding some trim above your window will really help -- I agree.. Brilliant idea!

    Thank you so much for weighing in on dresser paint colors. I really appreciate it. Always buying paint and trying to find a color or a couple colors that will be neutral enough for resale so thank you for taking part in my little poll!

    Have a lovely week.
    Alison :)

  18. Just wanted to thank all your readers for their kind comments and well wishes above! I'm going a little stir crazy being off work for a few months (one month so far and at least another month to go) but I'm in good spirits and someday when my kids have kids I can sit my grandkids on my knee and tell them about the time I dangled over a canyon in a harness hanging by a cable to a helicopter, and tell them yep, grandma Jenny does all her stunts! Lol!

  19. Glad your daughter is doing well and you will make the space look great when you are done!