Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Probably Wasn't Appreciated

Last Sunday, while skyping with our youngest
daughter's family, our granddaughter Lily
was telling us about her trip to Disneyland
and to the beach in San Diego.
 It was her first time at both, and she
said she loved the beach the most.

When she showed us all the shells she collected
with her cousin Tucker, I told her she could get
an old frame and paint it and glue the shells on.
Lily loved the idea and immediately went
looking for a frame. 

Her mother was not so happy about the idea of
spending her Sunday night cleaning up another
of Lily's DIY projects.

I think my suggestion probably wasn't appreciated.
It didn't phase me though because I spent many a
night cleaning up after Lily's mother when
 she was a little DIY-er. 



  1. Exactly! :) When my girls were small, I stayed bent over most of the day picking up toys, crayons, pieces of paper, glue and glitter. It was never ending. Lily is so cute. I bet she loved the idea!

  2. Another case of "I hope you have one just like you when you grow up"...lol
    She sure is a cutie! xo Diana

  3. I thought it was a good suggestion, just maybe not a great suggestion for dinnertime on a Sunday night. And you know she had to get started IMMEDIATELY. I got the supplies out for her and she got the frame painted what she calls "ocean blue." We didn't have time to glue the shells on (the paint was still wet at bedtime) and she's been busy since then. Maybe tomorrow before gymnastics.

  4. LOL...what goes around, comes around...right?? She is adorable! Hopefully they will send you a photo of the frame. :-)

  5. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Keep encouraging your Grand daughter, dear friend!!!
    You may be the G'Ma of a budding artist!!!