Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stuck In Neutral Again

OK, I'll admit my title may not be understood
by anyone who never drove a stick shift car.
In the olden days, automatic transmissions were not
that popular. If you put a stick shift in "neutral"
you didn't go anywhere. 

I find myself in neutral a lot these days!
Recently I stopped at a garage sale and 
picked up this little cabinet with mail slots (?)
on the outside of the door.
At the same sale, I picked up several wood pieces
that look like they were part of a mirror or some
other piece of furniture. At 50 cents a piece, I
couldn't pass them up.
 I put them in the garage while I take time to think

 about what to do with them. Wild Bill asked me
"Whut the heck are ya gonna do with them there?"

This is always the question I dread...not just because
his Texas twang mangles the English language...
but because I usually don't have a good answer.
Honestly...for once he had me speechless.
I have no idea, but they do have potential

Just like this chair, which the ladies
in a painting class all loved -- but Wild Bill,
not so much!
 I painted it during the class, but due to the heavy
humidity that day (we were working in a large back
room without air conditioning), we weren't able to
age down or put a wax finish on our projects.
 Kay was the instructor for the class session.
She's the lady demonstrating on the right below...
 Kay is a local distributor for paints and waxes
from Vintage Market and Design products.
 During the class, Kay put some clear and dark
wax on the leg of the chair to demonstrate
how I could age it.

 This isn't what I had in mind, so it's still waiting
for a decision.
Here's what I had in mind...more of a white with
just rusty brown edges.
 So many projects, so little time!

 Like I said, I'm stuck in neutral...
I'm all ears for any suggestions on how to
use the wood, whether to take the slots off the
cabinet or not, and how can I get that rusty
brown finish on the edges of my chairs?

In the meantime, I'll be putting on another coat
of white paint and waiting for inspiration to strike.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I'm in neutral too. Trying to refinish our front door and it's not cooperating. The stain doesn't seem to absorb in some spots. Ugh!!

    I like your chair a lot. It will be very pretty when you are finished and Wild Bill will be convinced. You'll figure out something to do with the wood. :)

  2. I have been in neutral before myself. It's frustrating when you are indecisive about things and feel stuck. I'm sure you will come up with something to use that new piece. I like the chair you painted. I'm not an expert when it comes to painting furniture. But if I want brown edges, then the undercoat of the paint should be brown (or at least the original wood) and then use sand paper to distress the areas you want brown to show.

  3. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Oh, yes. . .how well I remember the "stick shift". . .and neutral position!!!
    Sometimes, I have to "step away" from a project before I can once again, see it's finished view!!!
    The one "real deal" source of inspiration. . .every time. . .that will begin the creative process again. . .is fabric!!! I know, I know. . .I don't sew. . .but there's just something so sensory that I connect with in the feeling of fabric and gazing on the color pattern together!!!
    When "Mr. Ed" ask the same question as your Wild Bill. . .I smile and say, "It'll come to me." (wink!)

  4. Oh dear, Wild Bill might be related to Handy Andy, I brought home a corner cabinet, for my work area, and want to paint it white, it came from my sisters kitchen, it didn't wear well for her, but for me, all that is o.k. I'm going for white also, not so much rusty edges. but a little bluish. Keep me posted on your progress, and you unstuckness.

  5. The only advice I can offer is to think of something else. When I'm stuck with a project I put it aside and one day the time is right and I pick it up again. This advice does not always work, or I wouldn't have such a pile of unfinished projects :-)

  6. I really like that chair and I think it looks great with the fresh coat of paint. I'm not really sure how you can use the wood pieces, but I'm sure a great idea will come to you eventually... :)

  7. I know neutral!
    In fact my sister still drives a manual stick
    (better gas mileage)
    I also know the neutral you are talking about.
    I wish I had more time but sometimes when I do,
    I feel stuck.
    Good luck with your chair!