Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas At Carol's Shop 2015

Before the 2015 Christmas season passes, I have to share this year's decorations at Carol's Interior Home Store in our town.
Carol's store is always decorated from the front porch all the way through the store. I look forward every year to seeing how she creates a welcoming entryway. 

Every year, the two pots on either side of the door are different from the year before...and just as lovely!
A close up of these two pots shows the faux deer heads used to add a little rustic charm this year.
The festive red door surrounded, always, by that wonderful old white trim work always gets a second, and even a third, look from me.
I love the black and cream painted cement on her walkway. The two colors go with all the different seasonal decor used throughout the year.

This year, Carol even had a magical little Christmas Cottage built inside her store. I was fascinated by it and especially love the red door with its old fashion trim...
 Due to this year's vow to reduce my Christmas decorations to only what I really cherish and can store inside the house, I limited myself to just a few strands of a lightweight greenery for our dining chandelier. 
I love this type of greenery and added these new strands to some of the ones I bought last year. It was hard to limit myself to only a few. There was so much inspiration all around Carol's shop and it got me into a decorating high! 

Here's a redbird chandelier all decorated up by the staff. That's a wreath placed on the top of the chandy and tattered ribbon gives it a rustic, festive air.
Seeing the ornaments hung on shutters, chandeliers and shelves helps shoppers visualize the options of adding decor in unusual ways.
I plan to finally finish an old chair this year that I've had a good while. I often come look at this lovely little settee for inspiration. Wild Bill is not crazy about the "unfinished" look, but of course I adore it.

The shop is divided up into room settings to help shoppers visualize how the furniture would look at home in their own rooms. I always want to go home and paint a spectacular color on my walls after a trip to Carol's store.
I may not get brave enough to be as colorful as this, but this year (for sure) our trim is going to be painted a creamy white like the trim in the room above.

Behind the checkout counter, the shelves are animated with Santas and elves running wild.

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  1. LOVE that shop! And the painted concrete out front!! That is so awesome! The next time we are in Texas, which will be in March, I'm going to have to pay a visit to this shop! Merry Christmas sweet friend!!

  2. oh wow, how I wish I could see the shop in person.. I can tell from your photos, its amazing..

    thanks so much for visiting me and liking my babies..
    Merry Christmas to you and your family..

  3. Merry Christmas. Wow, I'd go wild in a shop like that.

  4. I love this shop!
    How cool to have that little cottage built inside of it!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Rivercrest Cottage,
    What an adorable Shop, indeed!!!
    I l o v e the addition of the Cottage front within the Shop, itself!!!
    Filled to the brim with inspiring design!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    . . .and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  6. Beautiful! What an adorable shop. I knew I'd like it the minute I saw the interestingly painted side walk, lol. Thanks for sharing it. I hope you'll share it a couple of more times though the year, as I'm sure things are always changing. Great inspiration! Thanks again. Happy New Year! CC

  7. What a wonderful shop ..... I am sure that you had to be very restrained !! Many thanks for following me and I look forward to 'popping in to see you' in 2016. XXXX

  8. Places like hers make me want to move in and LIVE there!

  9. That looks like a wonderful shop! I know I've asked you before, but where is this?

  10. That's what I call my kind of shop!! Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a happy, healthy new year!

  11. I love shops like that! I saw a lot of pretty things for sale there in your pictures. I hope you had a nice Christmas.

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