Saturday, January 23, 2016

Glad To Be Home

Hi Everyone! The plane didn't crash on the way to California or on the way back as you can see. Here's a shaky picture of the Golden Gate Bridge out the window of the airporter as we crossed the bridge.
On my flight out, the plane backed away from the terminal then stopped and back to the terminal we went. The pilot said "mechanical trouble" was the cause. 

Forty minutes later the mechanics left and we were on our way again...Do you think I ever relaxed the whole way from Dallas to San Francisco after that? ...NO WAY!!!

Without internet for the last 2 weeks, I've missed being able to visit all your blogs. I was visiting my 86-year-old mother to help her get around town and give her moral support while the only relative who lives close by her was in the hospital with a serious condition. We took some time daily to clean out closets and cupboards and to donate lots of stuff. 
Mary's Pizza Shack
Most days, we ate our favorite soup-and-salad combo at Mary's Pizza Shack (our favorite late-lunch eating place) and enjoyed being a couple of Golden Girls together for 10 days. 
Mary's Pizza Shack is a small California chain now, but we remember many nights at the original little "shack" Mary started right in our little town back in 1959. The original little shack is gone now, this location took its place in the late 70's. 

You can see the very old tree the patio was built around in the photo below. It is a spectacular tree and every kid in our small town has probably climbed on it at one time or another. There's a sign now asking that no one climb on it due to its age.
In case you're wondering, my two sisters and I have all asked mom, over and over, to come live with one of us or to at least let us move her to one of our towns so one of us would be close by. So far, no dice, but we're hoping she'll change her mind soon.

Hope all of you in the path of the snowstorm in the East/Southeast are ready to batten down the hatches and let it pass by. We're all praying it passes quickly and leaves you with only a beautiful snowfall to admire. I can tell you California got plenty of rain recently, it rained every single day I was there.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I am so glad you are home safe and sound. The same thing happened to us on the flight home from Alaska in 1998. The doctor prescribed two nerves pills for me, one for the flight there and one for the flight home. Mechanical problems delayed our flight home which scared me to death! Why do they even tell the passengers. Couldn't they make up a lie! :) Mechanical problems! With the plane! Glad you had some time home with your Mom. I know she enjoyed every minute with you.

  2. SoCal didn't get the rain you saw up north, but we are actually having rain this year.

    I wanted to move my mother to live near me in her last years because my sister traveled to Europe for work so much. But, although I would be around more for her, I couldn't provide my mother with her friends and favorite shops. It's great that you were able to go for 10 days to be with her.

    1. The problem for my mother is, all her friends and family are gone from the town. She has no one there, only my 50 y/o single brother and he is not a person she can depend on. It is heart breaking, but I have had to learn to accept the things I cannot change.

  3. Glad you had a safe trip, wonderful that you got to spend time with your Mother. Where in California were you? We're originally from Hayward.

    1. Sonoma, next door to the wine country. We like to say "Sonoma makes wine, Napa makes auto parts". Not far from Hayward.

  4. I hear you with the plane bit, glad to hear you and your mom had a nice visit. I asked my mom for years to come live with us too, and she never agreed, in hind site it was probably a healthier relationship for all. But, I still miss her. I saw her a minimum of three times a week for probably my whole married life and now she's gone. Quite a void. Your little pizza place looks delightful. Welcome home.

    1. Oh Irene, I am sad every time I go to my hometown and see how the place is sliding down. California is in worst shape than people realize. I talk to my mom almost every day by phone and have for years. Just so sad to have her so far away at her age.

  5. so nice that you are safely home again. Your Mother must live in Northern California as I know they have gotten lots of rain lately...we're down here waiting for our turn. (-:.

  6. Oh how we love San Francisco! We have always lived in the Nashville Tn. area but moved close to the Bay area for about 4 years. Really loved it out there.We have had so much snow here in Tn. this weekend. I am really ready for sunshine and warmer weather.

  7. Rivercrest Cottage,
    I'm glad your time with your Mother was spent enjoying each other's company. . .and doing some "chores" together, too!!!
    Glad you're home safe and sound, dear friend!!!

  8. I'm so happy that you made it home, safe and sound.
    Sorry to hear it rained everyday in California and I understand why you'd be scared on that flight! Omg.
    Is your mom staying there because she doesn't want to leave your brother? If she can't depend on him, then I'm wondered if he's depending on her.
    Maybe both of them would move out your way?!
    Oh sorry, none of my business. I just wished she was closer for YOU!