Monday, January 25, 2016

The Happiness Of Letting Go

Since reading Marie Kondo's book, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, I've donated a lot of things I no longer wanted. I wrote about Ms Kondo's book here and I can't recommend it enough without driving you crazy.

Although I was able to donate things I no longer wanted, I started hitting a wall when it came to things I really loved. I tended to want to store them away for that "someday" we're always thinking will come. 

That's what I started to do with two teacups. I started to pack them away in a closet for "someday".
I had a dainty pink floral teacup with a saucer that was a pretty good match. Then my mother-in-law moved to a smaller apartment in her retirement community and  -- in one of the "no room for these" boxes -- was a pretty green floral teacup and saucer. I loved them, but I was downsizing possessions, remember?
Luckily, I remembered that Henny Penny Lane mentioned she was looking to collect teacups, but hadn't found any yet. Perfect!

It brought me and my mother-in-law joy to send the two teacups to Miss Henny Penny. You can read Miss Henny Penny's post here about receiving them. I have to confess, with her permission I borrowed the pictures from her blog as I hadn't taken any pictures before I sent them.
Now Henny Penny has the start of a collection she really wanted to start. It brings her joy. And the gift of letting go brought me joy, just as Marie Kondo said it would.
I would love to read your experience of letting go. If you've posted about it, please share it by leaving a link to your post in the comment section below.

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  1. I haven't read the book but in late nov of 2013 I moved from a home in which I;d lived for 17 years.. It had 2 20x20 storage buildings as well as 800 more sq. ft. than the new home I moved into..
    I decided right then I didn''t want my kids left with the burden of deciding what to do with ALL my STUFF~! it took 2 large salvation army trucks to get rid of what I wasnt taking with me.. thats shameful to have to even tell, but its true.
    YES, I have gathered some small items since I've been in this home but I've also been able to declutter some things I brought with me and finally accepted I didn't need or want.
    For me- purging feels GOOD and I suspect my spring I'll be ready to do more of it:-)

    It makes me smile to know others are now enjoying all my stuff:)

    1. I'm with you Sonny. We sold our last home in 2010 and filled two storage units with things I just couldn't let go. Each month we paid $140 or $1680 a year to store it. In the end, we took most of it to Goodwill. A costly lesson!

  2. We are clearing out our house now too. We've never been hoarders but int he last 3 1/2 years in this house, we've acquired closets full! If it makes you happy to give something away I'd call that a win win. :)

  3. I got Marie Kondo's book a while back and...
    stopped reading it.
    Maybe I will try again with a new frame of mind.
    She just kinda irritated me from the start.
    I mean the fact that she threw away her families items without checking.
    Sure, it probably needed to be done but I'd be furious if I were them.
    And about the socks being rolled up and having to unroll them...
    well. ok, nevermind.
    But when she said to empty your handbag and put everything away every night when you get home? she totally lost me.
    Who has time for that? Of course I carry a lot more stuff than she, mostly likely.
    (Actually a tote bag full of things like extra gloves, socks, art supplies, a book, personal items and wallet and keys and...)
    But, because of you, I will try reading it again and not be so critical.

    1. I'm laughing Cindi. I don't do any of the things you got stuck on. But I do follow the rest. When I visited my mother recently, I cleaned out her kitchen with her. She had 4, yes 4, turkey basters. All brand new! When I asked why she had 4 of them, she said she could never find them because the drawer was so full so she just bought a new one. LOL, but kinda cry too. That is what Marie Kondo's book is about to me. Being able to find the turkey baster.

  4. I have tooooo many teacups and lack the storage to purchase any more, yet I keep buying! I've been tidying up a-lot this winter to have it all done by Spring! I have found clearing out and letting goes can be a very good thing! I just finished with my pantry downstairs.

    1. Cathy, I was thinking of buying more teacups even though I was going to store them. Why I don't know, but probably because I think your teacups are lovely. By sending them off and letting them go, I promised myself I would not ever buy another one.

  5. Rivercrest Cottage,
    When I retired, I spent the first three months going through everything in my home and letting go of tons of "stuff"!!!Felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. While I was employed, there was never enough time to get the task accomplished, so I just gave up eliminating unwanted or unneeded items!!!
    Since then, I've done well at Seasonally curating my collections, clothing and linens!!!
    Ah~h~h. . .and does it feel good!!!
    Love the story of how the tea cups found a "new"home and brought happiness to one, again!!!

  6. Thank you Sharon! I am loving my two teacups and what makes them even more special is thinking of you every time I see them. Gifting me with the teacups was such a nice thing to do. I'm looking forward to doing something special for someone soon, to "pay it forward". Thank you!

  7. I recently did this with my milk glass collection. It gives me a pang, but they're happily living with a friend of a friend. That makes it easier. I haven't read the book; I just try not to store more than what will fit in its designated spot. (Well, except for my avalanche-y pile of books and magazines by the bed....)

  8. Oh my, this is my subject. Twelve years ago we moved from Texas to Oregon, from a house we'd lived in 30 years to an apartment. Big change. Also didn't want to move 'stuff' across country. A year before I retired I began the work required to move, oh so much stuff to get rid of but I did it. I left my mother's family heirlooms with our daughter in Texas and brought my father's family items to Oregon and gave them to our son. Clutter will get away from you in an apartment if you don't monitor it. I keep a box in my closet at all times for items I'm getting rid of. I'm ruthless. I'd not heard of the book you mentioned but I will check into it. I believe there's a time in life to collect and a time to let go.

  9. Oh Linda, you've got me thinking about this subject again with your last sentence. Truly there is a time to let go. Thanks for sharing your move.

  10. It is hard to let go of things we really love! I had a huge collection of teapots and teacups that I brought with me to Texas from Alabama. Boxes and boxes. After that move, I vowed I would pare it down, and I did. I sold some and gave some away. But I still had lots of them. After the next move, I sold and gave away a few more. And so on. I'm now finally down to 1 box, but I can't seem to let go of them. I have some special teapots and teacups in the house, but the rest are in storage. I need to let them go and find a special home for them also!