Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What I'm Working On Wednesday

From my garage stash, I pulled out this cabinet I bought last Summer. I bought it at a real discount at TJ Maxx. They had marked it down 50% of their original low price. I can only assume they discounted it so heavily because it had a missing hook at the bottom left side. 
No problem with that...the hook was actually inside one of the cubbies and only needed to be screwed in.
Even if the hook had been missing, I would've bought it anyway. I really love the ceramic numbers and may take them off to use somewhere else if I paint it.
I'm not crazy about the white wax they used on the finish. How 'bout you? Are you a fan of the white wax finishes normally? Do you think this one is too much? I really do need some guidance here on this one.

I'd be more than happy to paint it, but for now I'm in a "thinking mode" with it. How about green? I pulled out this boxwood wreath to see how it would go with the wall color.
I love the Boxwood Green color Miss Mustard Seed and some of the other paint suppliers are carrying.
From Miss Mustard Seed's Pinterest

Like I said, I'm in a thinking mode. I would appreciate any ideas you might have.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Not a fan of its present color, I'm definitely in a green mode right now.

  2. What a great piece and I too love the green.
    Have fun!

  3. go for it, I'm not thrilled with the white was on it either.

  4. Hi dear friend !!que bonito trabajo .. Me encantan esas cajas antiguas llenas de compaerimoentos

  5. Rivercrest Cottage,
    I like green, dear friend!
    However, I adore some of the new aqua to teal hues on the market! Also, Robin's Egg shade makes me swoon!
    I'll be watching for an upcoming reveal of this adorable cubby!

  6. Oh no! Don't paint it! It's perfect the way it is. I love the white wax look on it. It gives it a weathered look like old barn wood. It would be pretty with little succulents in each cubbie. That was a great find. I think I've seen them at Target before too.

  7. I love the cabinet, Sharon. It has a brilliant vintage post office vibe about it. And I love the green. Light blue could also work IMO.

  8. It's such a cute little cabinet. It would look great in any color. You know they don't sell those little ceramic numbers separately.:) I searched every where: land stores and online. I had to buy two pots to get the numbers for another project. xoxo Su

  9. This is a precious find. Green would be wonderful. You know I have discovered after moving into our new home that I love green. So many of my accent pieces have green hues. My decorating daughter, just recently told me, that she thinks green is really coming back.
    If you have the chance we would be honored to have you share this post or others with us this coming Thursday.
    Have a lovely afternoon~

  10. I think Green would be marvelous and I love the numbers too! Great find!