Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kitchen Colors

This wooden cabinet finally got hung on a wall. Yay for us! It's been hanging around in a closet for over a year since I bought it.
The last time I showed it, I was trying to decide what color to paint it. I've narrowed it down to aged black or distressed white. Because the kitchen cabinets are so distressed, it would look off to paint it a bright color.
Since we hung it by the back door, the bottom section is useful for holding our keys,  change, garage door openers, etc. 
The Oakland A's hat that I put up on top was my dad's. He was an ardent A's fan and when he died in 1994, it was the one he'd been wearing for a while. It's a little beat up, which makes it perfect to me.
I plan to change the small hooks on the bottom of the cabinet to larger ones when I paint it. It's a great place to hang my purse and saves  me a lot of time trying to find where I left it last. 

Black and white work well with the yellowish-tan cabinets and tile in the kitchen. I'm hoping it brightens the kitchen up a bit and tones down the yellow. 

Our "projects" list is growing bigger. Hoping to add a little trim work to the area below the glass doors after seeing a cabinet in this magazine I bought today called Cottage home style.
Take a look...
I love the arches on each side and the wooden slats across the back of the cabinet. Be still my heart! 

Highly recommend this magazine. I don't remember seeing an issue of it before so maybe it's a new one. If you love white furniture and walls, you'll love this issue.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Sweet! (I know what you mean about remembering where your purse is!) I believe I have seen this magazine...isn't it fun to gather ideas and find some that will "work" in your own home?!?

    1. Rebecca, is it wrong of me to say I was glad to hear I'm not the only one with the lost purse problem? :)

  2. Oh! I do love White and Black!
    I understand how you will see something and want to change or add touches but I gotta say, I LOVE your kitchen as it is right now.
    But I get how you might see something and want to change it.
    I LOVE your Dad's hat. That's the kind of thing that makes a house a home.

  3. What a beautiful kitchen, shame to mess it up with cooking. How sweet to keep your Dad's hat. I was born in Oakland and have always kept an eye on the "A"s through the years.

  4. Looks like a wonderful magazine and one that I would like.
    Good idea having the hook for your purse. I have a hook that I put mine on too and I always know where it is.

  5. Certainly was impressed by the look of the magazine. I have a hook to hang my bag as I come in otherwise I would never find it again.

  6. Ooooh, I love your shelf. Great spot to hang it. And the Cottage Magazine is amazing. I love reading through it and dreaming!!

  7. Rivercrest Cottage,
    I l o v e the placement of your shelf, dear friend! Functional, indeed! Love seeing your Dad's A's hat where it can bring you precious thoughts of him!
    Thanks for the review of Cottage home style magazine! I'm always on "the hunt" for new publications to read and for resources!
    Happy Fourth of July!

  8. Your shelf looks amazing along with your gorgeous kitchen! ;)

  9. why paint it? Your island table seems original-it would complement it and create a flow between the two.

  10. Your shelf looks wonderful, and I love your gorgeous kitchen. I love the color of your kitchen cabinets.

  11. What a lovely kitchen. The hat is a sweet idea. I wish my Dad was here to critique my food.

  12. I love your cabinet and what a great idea to hang your purse from it.

    I have some new tea towels arriving today from Amazon and I might copy your idea of a bowl full of towels.

  13. I saw that magazine at the grocery store the other day. Now, I'm sad I didn't get it.
    I love your darling cabinet. It will be cute too when it is painted. The trim below the cabinets is a great custom look. Have a great week.

  14. Dear Sugar:
    Yes, Hoffman Media does great magazines. I love your kitchen! Thanks for Sharon another project well done!

  15. Your kitchen is looking rustic in this color. Wooden cabinet is surely a statement piece. I loved the way how you treasured your dad's cap, it is so lovely of you. Your bigger white cabinet is simply amazing