Friday, February 3, 2017

Five On Friday: White And Rusty Kitchen Things

Joining Amy today at Love Made My Home for Five-On-Friday Won't you stop by, if you have the time, and add your five to the mix?

I've been far too serious on Fridays lately, so I'm picking a lighter subject. I'm taking you on a quick tour of our kitchen and some of the rusty and white things in it.

1. The Portable Cabinet And White Pig:

The kitchen pig always holds court in the middle of the kitchen on a movable cabinet. The builder distressed and aged the wall cabinets a little too much. I plan to dry brush them, with a little white to lighten them, as soon as I learn how to do a better job of dry-brushing. 

For now, I try to add as much white as possible to lighten up the kitchen since it's in the center of the house and doesn't have a window.

2. Messy Dark Corner: 

You hear it all the time...don't keep a bunch of stuff out on your counters! I try, but it all just creeps back out. Most of it is white as you can see. The white helps lighten up this dark corner.

3. Rusty White Stuff With Holes:

Seems all my old enamelware has holes. This flour bin is worn almost through on the bottom right.
 It doesn't matter to me, I find it charming. I don't store flour in it anyway as these big flour bins were used back in the day when people made their bread at home and had to store their supplies for a long time between trips to town.  If you opened the flour bin up, you would find cloth placemats rolled up inside instead of flour.
This rusty white enamelware washpan holds my kitchen towels. If you picked it up and looked below, you would see holes in the bottom of it too. I buy my dish towels at Sam's Club. I love these plain white, sackcloth-type dish towels. 

4. Rusty Bottle Rack/White Lazy Susan:

Long ago in 1992, my older friend Sally from Oklahoma always served me "Okie Tea" from canning jars.  I was hooked and gave away all my glasses and started using canning jars. The small ones live on this bottle rack right across from the ice/water dispenser on the refrigerator. I use canning jars to store food in the fridge too. So many uses! 

5. White Preserved Roses:

I'm obsessed with these preserved roses with barely there color. I stick them inside things all over the kitchen. Here's a close up of a few of the roses. In the nest on the bottle rack...
In the old canning jar...
 In the pottery with little white pumpkins...

Well, that's my quick tour of the kitchen stuff. If you noticed I still have some of the little twinkle lights up from Christmas, don't be shocked. Sometimes the lights stay out and stay lite (along with the pumpkins) all year long.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love you little pig - I have always wanted one, they are so cute.

  2. I like your kitchen -- "stuff" on the counter tops and all. The pig is perfect and like how you've "recycled" your enamelware. Happy Friday!

  3. I love your white kitchen things especially the enamel ware containers and bowl and your roses are so pretty:)

  4. Great idea for a post, your white things are beautifully presented. 😊

  5. LOVE THIS! Our daughter would swoon over your piggie...she collects them. How on earth do you preserve those roses...they're gorgeous. Oh and I lived back in the day of flour bins! Ancient, I know.

  6. I like your piggy, I have one too, but he looks a bit different. I do like all your white accents, they do brighten things up.

  7. I love the white enamel items. I would love to have a flour tin like that and who knows what I would store in it.

  8. Love your pig and your white enamel canisters, too. Such a pretty kitchen.
    Thanks for sharing . . . it's fun to peek into other blogger's homes.
    Connie :)

  9. Since you like drinking from those jars you would be a great candidate for's what my uncle used to keep by his 'wine maker' (which was most likely a still)

    Did you paint your pig? I have one that looks very similar only he has a gold colored outfit on. He is also holding a chalkboard.

    Very sweet post-I love the enamelware AND the jars for glasses. Just fun all the way around.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Sugar. xo Diana

  10. I am in love with all your charming white pretties! Love the piggy and that flour bin is wonderful! I am a counter clutterer myself....I just have to have things where I can see them! I think twinkle lights should be required year round. I gave mine to my daughter because she feels the same way! Now I am twinkle-less :( Love your kitchen. Hope you have a nice weekend! xx Karen

  11. I like your Think Snow sign - we had snow today and a bit of it stuck so the ground is white. Your enamel pieces add a lot of character to your kitchen, holes or not! Happy weekend.

  12. You are blessed with a beautiful home, I love the enamelware, the holes add character and charm.

  13. What a lovely tour of your white kitchen things! I have to tell you this because it will make you laugh - I hope! - I misread the title of your first of the five and thought it said a portable pig! Then I couldn't work out what was portable about it so I went back and realised what you had written. Silly me, but I had fun trying to work out what was portable!! Your kitchen must be a lovely place to be, so pretty!

  14. You have added such nice touches all around your kitchen, and it looks very cozy. It must be a wonderful space to work in. The big white pig is quite a character! My daughter once had a little toy pig ('Rosie') that shuffled and snorted all around the kitchen floor. She ran on batteries, and it was like having a little pet pig in the kitchen.

  15. Love your pig... The rest is so lovely and bright and I love all your sweet details. And aren't twinkle lights great all year long? Mine never come down. I would have to stop and count them to know how many I have! Have a good week.

    Tamara XO

  16. Gorgeous things. I have stuff on my kitchen counters because they don't fit in my already full cupboards. As for leaving the Christmas lights out - I have a big star in the corner of my lounge that's been there about four years now! It looks so cheerful I can't bear to put it away.

  17. I love the flour tin too. The roses are gorgeous.

  18. My outside world is so white, you'd think I'd long for color, but I find the clean pallette restful. Your kitchen is homey and welcoming.

  19. Love the enamelware and your pig! He is too cute! Your kitchen looks very pretty. Like you, I like to lighten things up in the kitchen also. In TN, we had a couple of dark corners even though there was a window. I used white pitchers and they did the job well! Love and hugs!!

  20. I do like being invited into other people's kitchens :-) And yours has so many nice things. Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

  21. Your kitchen is beautiful and I love how you added the white to lighten it up. Your enamelware is wonderful the rustier and distressed the better. Love Mr. Pig and your canning jar holder is fabulous. I tend to add things to my counter too, take it away and start over just to add again. haha Hope you enjoyed a Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment to celebrate 10 years of blogging. Good Luck in the giveaway. Have a great rest of the week. xo

  22. What an enjoyable visit to your white kitchen.
    I agree with Lori, your enamel pieces add a lot of character to your kitchen, holes or not.

    Wishing you a great weekend,