Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mattie's Pig Table Gets Another Make-Over

Just got home very early this morning from a long trip to California. Most of the time I spent there was without internet, so I used the time to look at old photos stored on my computer. 

Here's an old one of our entryway, which hasn't changed much over the years.
I did have my I-Phone with me, but trying to read blogs and websites on it made me realize my eyes are too old for that! 
While I've been gone, I've missed painting my furniture...and repainting it...and "de-painting" it with a sander when needed. 

Being away from home seems to have revitalized my DIY bone. I'm even excited about finally picking a color and painting some walls!
After 6 years, I'm really tired of our greenish-yellow walls. We're going brownish-grey-beige to get rid of the yellow.
After looking at the pig design I put on the top of this table when I did a makeover in 2013, I recently decided to shabby it up a little. 
Because it's slim and fragile, I thought the pure white made it seem a little too sweet.
With just a little hit of the sander, the painted pig was gone... depainted! 

I was going to paint it white again and age it down with dark wax, but the heavy distressing spoke to me so I left it that way for now.
I'm going to live with it for a while and see what it wants to do next.

Wild Bill's maternal grandfather, Will Savage, traded a little pig for this side table for his newlywed bride, Mattie, not long after they married in April 1912. 

When I first painted the table, I wrote about how the young Will bartered with a neighbor for the table HERE.  We found the little table, in many pieces, in the attic of Wild Bill's parents when we were helping them move in 2005. 
Wild Bill put it back together and strengthened it a little. The little table was in pretty bad shape so I didn't feel bad about painting it back then. 

For now it's in the hallway holding a lamp. It may end up in the powder room after that room gets painted since it's the most girly room in the house. 
The hall bench will probably be my next victim. I plan to make it higher by making a rolling shelf for it to sit on (that will hold shoes) and then make it softer with a cushion for the seat. 
I love furniture painted white because it makes everything more flexible. With white furniture, everything can move from one room to the next easily. 

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Sure wish I could get things done like you do. I've been talking about painting the hall and tiny bathroom for months now. I just can't get started. I can't even decide on a color. I like the little table.

  2. It looks wonderful, love the bench and looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  3. Your place looks wonderful! I admire anybody who paints furniture. Not my thing! Haha! How nice that you got to stop at the shop! Thanks for your patronage. I'm so glad you found something that you like. And such a wonderful compliment from you about the look of things! I have a nice quiet week ahead now to do some catching up. Thanks so much for your visit!

  4. I love your little pig table. Wasn't he a romantic, trading a pig for a table. I love the distressed look too. Happy painting.

  5. The table is perfect, and I love the distressing! I've been painting a little, and I'm putting a sander on my list. Have a great week!

  6. I love the distressing on the little table! The story about bartering a little pig for it makes it even more precious!

  7. Oh my gosh you have me in tears, Wild Bill was a lucky 5year old. What an influence. And he remembered that...

  8. Great job!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!