Wednesday, July 5, 2017

In The Olden Days

Down in Salado, Texas there are a lot of old things to see. The town has a colorful history, and it isn't too "tourist-ized" yet, like many towns these days. 
This tree may be as old as the famous ones at the Alamo, maybe even older. 

Part of it was practically growing sideways last time we were there. 

It got some help when someone put a stump under some of its limbs, but that was decades ago. There's no way someone could lift that heavy limb now, it's as big as some big tree trunks!
There was once a water pump and a cement trough that stood beside the tree when it was younger.
It appears that was long ago though, when horses would stop by for a drink.
Maybe that was when the stagecoach -- or the covered wagon -- was the only means of transportation to and from other towns!
This wagon has sat in Salado for many years,  just down from the old tree. It seems as if the family just pulled up and jumped off, and forgot to come back... 

The covering is gone, but the ribs that held the cloth covering up are still there just waiting for the next adventure to come along.

It kind of reminds me of a pick-up truck. There's even a step-up on the old sideboard, just like the ones we have now. 

I wonder if the pioneer menfolk talked about "horsepower" when they got together, like our car guys do now?
I think the pioneers were one tough breed of people, no matter where they came from. Times were harsh, but it appears the ride in the back was a little harsher! Just look at those boards...

There's no stagecoach left in Salado, except this replica for kids sitting outside the old Stagecoach Inn.
If the covered wagon was the pick-up truck of its day, then it appears the stagecoach was the true mini-van or SUV (sports utility vehicle) back then. 
Can you imagine cramming in beside the other passengers on a hot steamy August day?

The stagecoach used to let people off in front of the Inn so they could have a meal while the horses were changed out for fresh ones. 
There were rooms available upstairs for the night back then, now there is a modern hotel wing behind the old structure. 
The upstairs was still used for a bar, The Stagecoach Club, when we were there, and the dining room had been greatly expanded. If you chose to go to the bar back then, let me warn you, the stairs were narrow and steep just like in the olden days!
 If the restaurant was full, there were plenty of rockers to sit a spell and wait for your party to be called. 
Let me assure you, the meal was worth the wait! Not only was the food good, the experience was unique. Back in the stagecoach days, the routes were sporadic and a wagon wheel break might delay the stage. 

The Inn only needed the waitstaff when the customers were there, so a system was developed around when the stagecoach arrived. 
When we were there a few years ago, a version of how the restaurant operated back then was still in play. There was NO written menu for the guests.

Note: The ladies in olden times were local housewives who came to do a shift when they heard the stagecoach coming through the town. 

When we were there lunch was a fabulous four-course meal. The ladies came to your table with an appetizer and told you what was available for each course. 

There was tremendous variety of food being served, and it was all delicious.  It was also very fun! But it looks like things might have changed since a renovation was done, so you might want to check their website if you're thinking about going any time in the future.

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  1. I like "old" and "rust"....saw me some old gnarled trees just today! And what a charming place that Inn must be. So glad to visit via your post ♥

  2. Wow- That was a fun post. I love little old towns like that--and that restaurant sounds like it was a lot of fun.

    I thought about that stagecoach on a hot, sweltering August day and decided I would walk, thank you.

    Have a wonderful week, Sugar. xo Diana

  3. What a great place to visit, with lots of history!

  4. What a beautiful old tree and such a great place to visit. A joy to see it through your eyes.

  5. It seems you had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. Hi Sugar, Salado is a fun little town to visit. I have enjoyed many a little shopping trip there. Isn't that tree incredible and the Stagecoach Inn is a fun place. Your photos are great. Glad you enjoyed a great time. Have a nice weekend ahead. xo

  7. Hi Sugar,
    I need to get to Texas someday soon. Love those old historic places -- like Fort Worth and San Antonio. Thanks for sharing this spot with us!
    Looks like an interesting spot!

  8. wow that tree is amazing! i like the restaurant and the way they kind of kept it like it was done in the old days...interesting to think that a housewife would run over and take care of the customers when they came along! what a beautiful porch too!

  9. Hello Sugar, thanks for sharing this post. Looks like an interesting place to visit and the food is wonderful. Amazing tree.

  10. That was fun, Sugar, I love being surrounded by history. I especially love the wagon, beautiful craftsmanship.