Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Talkin' Corbels And Paint

I just had to bring up the subject of corbels and paint after I saw a picture on Facebook of this entry bench sold by a local shop in Denison Texas. 

The shop, 2 Chicks And Some Paint, is located in the downtown area of Denison.

Sadly, it sold before I saw it on 2 Chicks And Some Paint's Facebook page. I was at their shop on Saturday, and they do have a lot more lovely things for sale should you ever be in the downtown Denison area. 

Here's a close up of the corbels on the top of the bench. Be still my vintage heart!
After the bench sold, the shop added a personalized welcome sign to the top of the piece. That just made it better, didn't it? 

I'm scheduled for a painting class at their shop this Thursday. Can't wait to learn more about how to apply and use the paint and aging finishes they sell, a brand called CeCe Caldwell. If you're interested in learning about their paint brand, click CeCe Caldwell

I've used CeCe Caldwell's paint and finishes a few times in the past, but I've learned the hard way that each paint line has its own peculiar application needs and processes. 

For that reason, I've decided to take more classes with different paint retailers and learn what I should be doing as opposed to what I have been doing. I have a feeling there will be a vast difference in those two!

As always, my opinions are all my own. No one has compensated me for my opinions.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. What a gorgeous bench!! Good luck in the class.

  2. That is a beautiful piece! Taking those classes sounds like such fun.

  3. What a wonderful piece. Have fun in the class. xo Laura

  4. Oh, this is so beautiful! Your class sounds so interesting. It will be hard to resist buying something in that great shop, I'm sure! xx K

  5. Just the sort of place I like. Wish I could drop in for a browse.

  6. What a beautiful bench, the shop sounds amazing.