Friday, August 25, 2017

Hurry Fall

We live in northeast Texas, and it's cooler here since we've been getting lots of rain. Maybe it's due to Hurricane Harvey bearing down on the southern part of our state today. 

I sure hope Harvey loses it's force before it reaches shore. They're predicting up to 40 inches of rain to accompany this storm!

At any rate, I'm starting to get out the Fall decor and dreaming of when the cool weather will be here to stay. I bought these two Fall magazines this morning to help me get inspired. 

I also found some pictures of Fall decorations around our house from previous years. I usually just add pumpkins and florals to the normal decor. I don't want to store more than I have to so I keep it to a minimum.

These little pumpkins, which can fit into a bird's nest or a tea cup, are one of my favorite things to decorate with in Fall.

And to me, it wouldn't be Fall without this old lighted pumpkin from Walmart. It has lasted about 15 years and is still glowing strong. Pretty good value for something that was about $3 if I remember right.

My homemade chalkboard, made from an old frame and a spice rack, always gets decorated for the season. 

Here it's decorated with a sweet Fall banner that Carol from Art And Sand sent me a few years back...despite the fact I didn't win her giveaway. So many talented and generous bloggers out there! 

Finally, here's the gang that usually hangs out on top of the glass cabinet in the kitchen all Fall. 

That scarecrow in the middle has been around quite a while. It was purchased at Cracker Barrel around 2005. If you're looking for cute country decor that lasts, Cracker Barrel always has cute stuff for each season.

I haven't gotten out my decorated pillows for Fall yet, but I did buy a new one the other day. It's a little more colorful than I usually pick.

It found a home on the bland colored love seat here. Hopefully it will perk the place up.

Weirs furniture, a local chain in the Dallas area, had just gotten their Fall stock out of boxes and starting creating their displays when I walked by and spied it. I think it says "Hello Fall!" in the loudest of ways.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Oh! That pillow! I'm drooling here in Indiana. Praying for safety and sanity to prevail in TX.

  2. Wow you are celebrating Fall already! Here in the UK we are still waiting for summer to begin. :D Everything looks very beautiful. You have an eye for detail.

  3. I had to laugh. Gay Lee said "hello darling" I said "never mind me, what do you think of this picture?". I showed him your cute black and white picture. "in what way?" he said. I looked at him quizzicality "you really ARE gay, aren't you", I said. It was a good post, Sugar..

  4. I am also so ready for Fall, but I am afraid with the weather report for next week we are really going to get some 100+ weather. So goodbye Fall for a little while.

    Like all your Fall decor - looks good. I am not going to decorate as much as I did. I love doing but when it's time to put it away, I don't like it.

    Enjoy your weekend and I pray that the storm goes out to sea and leaves Texas alone.


  5. Not in a hurry for fall here. Our summers are not hot so I enjoy these nice days. Today it was sunny and in the 60's.

  6. We're hoping for some cooler weather in September, but it could well be October before we get any.
    Love your new pillow.

  7. I feel so sorry for those folks in Texas where the storm is hitting right now. Your decorations are so pretty. I am ready for fall too.

  8. I am with you on the fall decor. Summer always seems like the LONGEST season of the four, so
    I am always glad to kick it to the curb.

  9. I do like the way you've added a little fall to your decor. I'm sure looking forward to red and gold and brown leaves this year!

    Please drop by and say hello!
    ஐღLaura ღஐ
    Harvest Lane Cottage
    ...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
    on a short shoestring budget!

  10. Oh my goodness Sugar, your Fall decor is getting me in the mood to decorate. Your new pillow from Weir's is just adorable! I may have to stop over there and check them out and hope that they still have some.