Saturday, September 23, 2017

One Man's Junk, Another Man's...Junk

We spoke of the decorating "rule of three" the other day. I've been wondering how many people actually follow rules anymore when it comes to their home? 

There is one rule I do try to follow these days. A couple of years ago, a blogger said she doesn't buy any decor for her home that's smaller than a baseball.

When I read that, I looked around the house and realized everything I had was small! Since then I've tried to increase the visual look of things to make them look larger. 

This clock was shiny black when it caught my DIY eye a few weeks ago. It's been hanging on one wall or another since I bought it at Kirkland's around 2008. 

You can see it hanging on the wall here in the photo below. In its original state, it was one of those things that always kind of blended in and you didn't notice.

I taped off the edge of the glass and gave the clock a quick makeover with a mixture of white paint I made by combining a variety of "bottom of the jars" chalk paints. 

When the paint was barely dry, I used baby wipes to remove some of the paint on the edges and beaded/rope details so the original black could show through.

The clock has always seemed small so it was often hidden away in a bedroom. I wanted to make it seem more substantial so I could use it in our family room with high 12-foot ceilings. 

I had an old picture frame I've been sporadically working over for several months years to be honest, so I asked Wild Bill to cut a thin piece of smooth particle board to fit inside it. 

Before he nailed it inside the frame, I painted the board with Amy Howard's One-Step Paint in black. I wanted a "chalkboard" look with no plans to ever use chalk to write on it!

The "rule of chalkboards" is to cure a chalkboard by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk all over the chalkboard paint. 

That's a rule I don't follow for sure! I like the crisp black look of a chalkboard, and if I ever write on one (which I usually don't) I just wipe off the chalk and paint another coat of black chalk paint on the board.

How about you when it comes to rules? Leave me a comment and let me know if you have a rule that you always follow...or for that you always break.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Wow, not that is a great finish for the weekend. What an amazing job you have done, looks wonderful.

  2. I have no rules, Yes, I'm unruly. I love your though, nothing smaller than a baseball, not going to work for me. I don't buy anything I can't carry on a bus. I also don't do that rubbing of chalk to "season" it. black is good. Love the clock, what a great idea. You are brilliant.

  3. Hi, thanks for joining in and for visiting my blog! Your clock looks amazing, I love how the original colour shows through on the details, really lovely :)
    Hope to see you joining in on Finish for the Weekend again soon 😀

  4. You are amazing! The clock is beautiful framed that way. I've always been bad about buying things that are too big for our small house. Extra large furniture, king size bed. I have no rules but could probably use some. I get on your blog and have a hard time looking at anything but the picture of you in your flight suit. That is such a good picture. Wish you would add more pictures of your military days. That is so neat.

  5. Black and white is a very striking look for the clock. The only rule I have is that if you like the look of something then it's alright. I didn't know there was a rule but what do I know.

  6. No rules, the house is about as random as I am. Really like the look of the clock.

  7. Love the look of the clock. You really did an outstanding job on it.


  8. I can agree with "the rule" -- smaller things take longer to dust! :-) But I love the clock, and again admire your talent and creativity!

    One rule I always, always keep: I never have more than the number of items "allowed" in an express line.

    Rule I always break: I tell my husband I won't agree to take another foster dog or cat... :-)!!!

  9. When it comes to decorating I have no rules, but I have to be careful but I have a tendency to bling everything out. :D

    I like your clock and the look you created with the baby wipes.

  10. Your clock looks so much more of a statement piece now. I don't think I know what the rules are half the time!

  11. You did a great job with that clock. I had no idea of how to get that look.
    I do like the rule about the baseball size.
    As for decorating rules, the only one I have is to only use things I love.

  12. One I always follow: wearing my seatbelt
    One I always break: No sweets today

  13. I follow no rules about decorating. I just do what I like. : ) Learned that from my mom.

  14. What a neat looks great. I tend to have too many small decor items also, and it can be a problem. I try to group them together that seems to help.

    I do follow some rules of design, I like repetition of color and structure both in the house and in the garden.

  15. I've heard that rule too. It's best not to have too many small things. I like how you made that clock look bigger.

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  17. Love what you did with the clock! really stands out now. I agree with the small things rule...better with one larger and make a statement. (looks less cluttered too.)

  18. I really like the idea to add a black background to the white clock, it creates a wonderful contrast.

  19. What a cool transformation of your clock! I'm not too familiar with the decorating rules so I'm sure that I've broken most of them. Thank you for stopping by!