Wednesday, September 6, 2017

When The Heart Breaks

Here's my favorite "Back To School" picture this year...

First Day Of School, Aug 2017

Little 3-and-a-half-year-old Henry was the only one of our grandchildren who was far from happy when he went back to school this year. And it's not what you think!

A Younger, Happier Henry

Henry loves school. For the 3 years he has gone to nursery school, Miss Alma, Miss Ann, and Miss Alex have been his teachers since he was 12 weeks old. Henry loves his teachers, especially Miss Alma! And Miss Alma loves Henry. 

Miss Alma, Miss Ann, Miss Alex 

BUT...this year Henry moves to the "pre-school" room. Pre-school means more learning, more fun, more books, and better playground equipment! 

Henry And Beloved Miss Alma On Field Trip 2016

Here's the reason for Henry's heartbreak. It also means leaving Miss Alma behind as she is the nursery-school room teacher and Henry is now a fully grown scholar heading off to the pre-school room. 

"Good-bye Miss Alma! Your Henry will miss you forever."

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  1. Hard to leave a teacher you love, but he'll soon love the new one too. What a picture though.

  2. So sad and so sweet at the same time :)

  3. Such a shame, bittersweet. Beautiful photo.

  4. Never seeing your favourite teacher again is like the end of the world.😪 He's only three though and when he meets his first girlfriend he will be besotted with her. Who knows what highs he'll have in the future?

  5. Oh how cute is that - he is a darling boy. He must really love Miss Alma. Maybe he can pop in to just say hellooooooo every morning.


    1. Mary, he does love her. She has him over to her house occasionally and Henry calls her two sons his "brothers".

  6. Oh no, that is the saddest picture ever. Poor thing.
    Hope he will get to like is new teacher in time.

  7. Precious. But the photo is a heartbreaker too! I have a tenderhearted grandson named Henry too. Have fun anyway Henry!

  8. Bless his heart. He looks like such a sweetie pie. No wonder his teachers love him.

  9. Poor little guy. It's hard growing up!

  10. He's so precious - be brave, little one! x K