Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 7th...The Neighbor Called

My favorite neighbor called today to ask: Do you know your Christmas lights outside are still on? 

She hasn't been over recently or she would know our house inside is still lighted up like we're expecting Santa any minute too!

Right before she called, I had just told my daughters by text that the other house that still had lights yesterday took theirs down, and so now we are no longer fashionably late, but just look lazy! 

While I think about those lights, I'll show you the other pieces that got painted when the coffee table got another layer of Fusion Paint the other day:

This little reindeer guy is a metal candle holder and was originally a dull gray when I bought it. 

I first painted him with another chalk paint, but gave him a final coat of Fusion Paint in the Casement color I used on the coffee table HERE if you missed it the other day.

In case you thought I was joking about our inside lights, as you can see...the lights are still in full glory over on the Hot Cocoa/Tea bar too! 

I'm loving the reindeer and won't be putting him away with the Christmas stuff!  Instead he's going to hold hearts for Valentine's Day. 

I tried one on him the other day in between painting him and the other things.

Besides the coffee table and the reindeer, I painted two wood pieces and an Ikea Wooden Lazy Susan.

Both the wood pieces hold cloches and are inter-changeable and can be used together.

I'm letting the paint cure a little on these pieces, then in a few days I'll give it a coat of Miss Mustard Seed's Tough Coat, which will give them a little more protection.

By the refrigerator, the Lazy Susan I painted holds a glass drying rack from World Market with our Super fancy pint drinking jars.  

I've lost count of how many things I've painted with my jar of Fusion Paint in Casement. It amazes me how far that jar has gone! And I still have 2/3's of the jar left, so I've got a lot more I can paint with it.

I'm joining Cindy's party at Amaze Me Monday this week. Hope you'll hop over and check out all the links.

Thanks for dropping by!

Note: I do not receive any compensation for using products from Fusion or any other company whose products I like and use.


  1. Every thing is really, really beautiful! I'd call your house too about the lights, and hope to get an invitation to come in, everything is so warm and inviting and perfect!

    PS: I left a comment about Max and Molly - I LOVE their story so far!!!!

    1. Thanks Kim. Hope everyone who reads your comment will hop over and find what a great blog you have and what a special crew you foster. As far as Max and Molly, I'm still really hoping they stay where they're at now. They have come to love the family and the family dogs and now cuddle right up with Wrigley (the grandpa dog) who lost his 16 year old best friend last year.

  2. Lights are so cozy in the dark winter months! I love what you've done with the fusion paint. I've not used it before, but it is amazing that it has stretched as far as it has with all your projects! And I just love your lazy susan holding the glasses, what a great idea! Happy New Year :)

  3. I've just returned from AZ to the UK and all our Christmas decorations are still out, I was tempted to put all the lights on for the last time but thought that would look a bit sad. Now I have the big job of putting all the stuff alway and back in the loft.

    Happy New Year to you!

    1. Wondered why no posts from you lately! I say let 'em blaze one last time.

  4. I went back to check the coffee table, everything looks so nice and fresh. I would keep the reindeer all winter long, I love white elements for winter.

  5. Everything looks great. Love the antler candle holder and it looks good with the hearts on it.


  6. You're so inspiring!
    I've NO energy as I try to bounce back from a stinkin' cold. So we're still enjoying our Christmas lights, etc I'm in no hurry to dismantle them....

  7. I think it is funny that your neighbors called to tell you your outside lights are still on. SO WHAT!!!!????!!!!

    I did take my Christmas stuff down this past weekend but still have to pack it away. A good job to do this week (if I can).

    Hope you have a great week-loving your reindeer and your lights and all the projects you have accomplished. xo Diana

    1. Di, she seriously thought I might have forgotten. She is an extra special person who waters my plants when I'm gone and looks after all the houses and people in the neighborhood. I think she thought I didn't know they were on 24 hours instead of dusk 'til dawn. We are taking them down today since it's beautiful weather here after days of rain.

  8. A little certainly goes a long way, so many projects. Love the idea of adding hearts to the stag.

  9. I guess your neighbors braved the extreme cold to take theirs down or they got out as soon as it warmed up just a little. Fortunately, my light man arrived to take mine down just hours after the neighbors did. I love your painting projects. Thanks for the tip about Mrs. Mustard Seed's product. I'll have to give that one a try.

  10. I love it, all lite up! In the famous words of Sesame Street, "keep Christmas with you all through the year"