Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Winter White Mixed With Green And Brown

We finally took down most of the Christmas-related decorations in our house and left our twinkly lights, whites and rustic decor up for a Rustic Winter White look for January. 

The little platter by the sink is Christmas-related, but the dish and hand soaps cover the words so it stays.

I'd planned to pour the Watkins dish soap into the little decanter, but I like the black lettering on the white label and how it matches the hand soap pump dispenser so it stays. 

In the entryway, our snow boots are just waiting for some snow to fall! We need them when we visit the kids in Illinois, but here in NE Texas we only get snow once or twice in the winter.

When we do get snow though, it's really handy to wear them to keep from falling down. I was happy to have them in 2015 when the snow really fell here and then decided to stick around a while.

I wanted to leave the red and white in the entry, but the long plaid pillow was a problem. 

Luckily all I had to do tde-Christmas the entryway was to turn the red plaid "Merry Christmas" pillow around so the words don't show.

 Don't we wish every problem was just that easy?

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  1. Very pretty - love how you used some of your Christmas things for your winter decorating! The little tray with the bottles looks so pretty and goes so well with your stone counter. Love the idea of turning the pillow around and the thought that goes with it! Your boots are too cute! Hope you are having a good start to the New Year. xo Karen

  2. Very cute. I love winter decor. Yours is darling.

  3. I love the Watkins packaging. I can never, ever put it in another container!

  4. It looks so pretty there! I love the bottles too! Oh, and I want a pair of boots just like yours. :) I do love how you decorate!

  5. It really looks so pretty. I love the look of he Watkins bottles too! Those winter boots do come in handy.

  6. Very pretty, love the Winter decor, the red plaid is a joy.

  7. I have a tiny Christmas tree covered in fake white snow which I was thinking could just be a conifer tree covered in snow so not just for Christmas, so I'm leaving it in the kitchen until I can figure out what to do with it. :D

    Your snow boots look so clean!

  8. Hope you get some snow. : )
    We still have ours!!

  9. From Christmas to winter just by changing places! Love the red plaid. Happy Happy!

  10. I love that you do the same thing I do- cover up the words Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays but turning or covering then somehow.

    I really love Watkins hand soap but haven't tried the other cleaning projects. I use their Carbo-Petro salve all the time---it is great for wounds.xo Diana

  11. So pretty! And so clever to just hide the words and keep on using pieces you like! Those are such pretty bottles, too.