Sunday, April 22, 2018

Counter Stools Update

Thanks to a suggestion from The Bee Lady and others on my post about buying counter stools a while back, we purchased three stools for our counter and one for a back up.

The ladies suggested buying extras because if we lose one due to breakage, we might have a hard time finding a replacement. Their suggestions made sense so we bought the extras.

We gave the new stools a good workout recently when the four youngest grandkids were here together during spring break...

If you're a grandparent, I'm sure you've learned that superheroes don't have time to be careful with the furniture.

I would prefer stools with brown legs, but these white cushioned stools are only available with black legs at Pier 1 Imports. 

It would be easy to paint them with chalk paint, but buying a new house is in our future and the black legs might work better there.

To protect the wood floors, we added felt tabs to the bottom of these stools as we did with our other chairs and stools. 

We used the tabs that you pound in with a hammer, but first I had to remove the plastic ones that came on the stools when we purchased them. 

Luckily all it took was a Phillips-Head screwdriver and a little elbow grease.

It was more fun adding these "hammer in" new ones than removing the old ones. 

I don't know about you, but hammering something always makes me feel a lot better when I'm done!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Haha, remind me to stay clear when you are wielding a hammer around, it sounds like you enjoy it a little too much. ;)

    Nice stools and a sensible idea to get an extra one, especially with Superheroes flying around your house.

  2. Great stools!! Smart buying extra's too!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting n my post about Retirement!! I enjoyed reading about how much money it costs to work!! That was such a good point!!

  3. You have had wonderful luck with furniture lately. These stools are fabulous and I LOVED your new cubby. Have a fabulous day!

  4. Your stools look great! Enjoy your week.

  5. Stools look great. I have the floor protectors on all my furniture.

    Sounds like you had a great time with the kiddos. Enjoy your week.


  6. You're right -- hammering is very therapeutic -- and these look terrific!