Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Continuing Birds Saga...

Would you believe the birds are at it again? Yep.

I started noticing my clothes dryer was steaming up a sauna! Our dryer vent goes up the inside of the wall and out the roof. 

When I looked at the vent coming out of our roof, I could see a nest up against the vent keeping it from opening.

This is not our vent, but it's an example of how birds can clog up vents...

For quite some time, I've been trying to find a company that cleans out dryer vents. Now it was time to get serious and find someone.

We were discussing our nest problems with some friends at a restaurant and a friendly older lady told us "Try a Chimney Sweep!"

Polar Bear Chimney Sweep

A local chimney sweep company came out the next day and took care of the dryer vent problems. The chimney sweeper also climbed right up on top of a ladder and plucked down the nest the birds built in the outside chandelier. 

Polar Bear Chimney Sweep Took This 16-foot High Nest Right Down!

Happily we are "nest free" once again...for now. 

So if you find yourself in need of a dryer vent cleaning, or the removal of anything up high, try calling a chimney sweep for the job.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Seriously GREAT news. Those are not homeowner fixes at all. Thank goodness you found a company to remove the nests.

  2. Geez the birds love your house! Glad you are nest free, as you say, for now!

  3. What a great idea, wonder if they'd clean my skylight?

  4. What a mess. When we lived in the historical district we had the chimney sweep come every 2 years and give it a brush down. It's a mess but worth it rather than starting a fire.

    Hope you are doing well, Sugar. Love to you- xoDiana

  5. A chimney sweep was a good idea! Glad you got it all taken care of - for now!

  6. It was nice idea to get the chimney clean without any harm for the bird nest:)

  7. The birds do love your house...of course, so do I. :) Glad you found a company that knew how to take care of the problem. They made it look simple.

    1. Me again. I meant to tell you how much I am enjoying the autumn issue of The Cottage Journal. Oh my goodness. This issue has been open and on the couch where I can look and dream. Autumn colors are my favorite! Page 74 really did it! Thank you Sharon.