Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Finds For Fall

I love a good project and this one is perfect for fall and Halloween. 

Talented Tracey over at Porch Day Dreamer created this Witch Leg Candy Bucket, and if you want one too she generously gives step-by-step instructions on her blog. I pinned it for next year and look forward to having time to make it then.

There's lots of cute fall projects in this Farmhouse Style magazine that's in stores now.

My favorite uses a knob added to a frame to hang a wreath, thereby adding layers of decoration for your wall! 

Here's a close up of the knob the wreath is hanging on. Notice they used a length of twine to allow it to hang in the center of the frame...

I'm a more-is-more type gal so this inspired me to start pulling out some frames I had stashed away and hunting for some old knobs I'm sure are around here someplace. 

If you don't have an extra knob or two around, Hobby Lobby and Lowe's are both good places for hunting knobs...And don't forget to save the knobs off old furniture if the piece gets taken apart or is no longer usable. 

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I am now hunting for knobs, I do know I have some somewhere.

  2. What a clever idea, the knob on the frame could be used to hang lots of different things, not just wreaths.

  3. I always stop and admire the knob bins at World Market, they are so eclectic and pretty. Now I know what to do if I find one I can't live without!

  4. Fall projects are always so much fun!!!!! That is a cute idea with the legs and that is a cute project for hanging a wreath. I have always been a more is more type of gal, too, and I keep trying to 'cut back' but stuff just seems to find me. lol xo Diana

  5. Those witch legs always crack me up. You sweet thing!

    I read your comment on my latest post and so appreciate your words. Sometimes I share feelings on my blog and hope it's not a downer but life isn't always perfect - in fact never is it that at all.
    I am so sorry for the passing of your MIL. No matter the time it never seems right. It took me six months to laugh again after my Mom passed. The hardest thing is to watch my Dad deal with the loneliness, as I think you are seeing with your FIL. I can't say it gets easier - just different. You are a special person and I am grateful for the time you take to read and leave sweet messages for me.
    Good luck with the health concerns and grief - just pray, meditate and remember the good times.
    Love you!

  6. Great ideas. Love the witch legs!