Friday, September 28, 2018

Loving Fall

The bins of fall decor are coming out. Some decorations are finding there way around the house while some are going right out the door! It truly is time to downsize around here.

The Pig always gets more than his fair share of the decorations no matter what the season...

My mother-in-law loved her large, multi-pumpkin wreath and hung it every year. 

I found it in the top of her closet when I was cleaning out their old apartment the other day.

This week we moved my father-in-law to an apartment with a higher level of care in an assisted living community closer to us. It's been almost 4 months since he lost his wife of 71 years. 

He is doing better than we expected, but it seems there is a stage you hit around 90 days after an event, which seems to be a harder part of the grieving process.

The change of community has revived his spirits somewhat. Maybe sometimes you just need a change of scenery to give you a lift!

To me it wouldn't be fall unless the scarecrow makes an appearance somewhere in the house! This little patched-up guy is my favorite part of fall decor.

The scarecrow seems to have a life of his own too. He often changes positions and places to sit! He moves around like one of those Christmas "Elf on a Shelf" dolls do.

Every year when I dig him out, I think maybe this year I will find the time to make a few copies of him just for fun. 

Of course I never do make any, but it is fun to figure out what I'd need to make more of him.

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  1. Your Fall Decor is gorgeous !! Im especially fond of Mr. Scarecrow .... lolol

  2. Your decor is stunning, the scarecrow is a real delight. Glad to hear your Father in law is doing a little better.

  3. Mr Scarecrow is a real statement piece. I'm always impressed with the way you decorate your house!

  4. You always have the best decorations. Each time I get mine out I swear I'm going to get rid of some, but I done. Love Mr. Scarecrow.

  5. I'm getting at that downsizing stage when it comes to decorations, too. You have so many lovely decorations; it must be hard deciding which to keep and which to toss. I do hope you're finding a good home for them :)
    Happy Autumn!!!
    Connie :)
    P.S. I'll put your father-in-law in my prayers.

  6. Wonderful fall decor you have.. I like that pumpkin wreath a lot.
    I got rid of several bins of stuff and still going through things. Accumulated way too much stuff.
    I love scarecrows and especially the one you have.

  7. Your home looks so festive! I have a pig just like yours. I need to take him up a notch! Have a great week.

  8. This is just a delightful post...your home is sooo cute, all decked out for Fall.
    I love your pig...cute as can be.
    I haven't pulled out my fall bins yet ...may just do with wreaths and a few more pumpkins.

  9. Love the fall decor, especially that beautiful wreath! I've been purging some things around here...something that needed to happen a long time ago. Also trying to jump back into the blog. :-) Hope you are doing well!

  10. Your decorations are charming. Best wishes to your dear father-in-law. So hard to lose a spouse after so many years.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. You can't have Fall without a scarecrow -- it's a law!!!!!! Ha! Love your MIL's pumpkin wreath. Wishing your father-in-law well. Happy Fall!

  12. Oh, that scarecrow is a darling with that pumpkin head. I love that the pig gets his share of seasonal decor. Blessings to your father in law. That has to be so hard. That wreath is special.

  13. I do remember that adorable scarecrow! He is just perfect, and I had been thinking about a scarecrow that would sit up on the well house...wonder if I could make one?? I love how your scarecrow sits, and isn't stiff with arms stretched out. I love that pumpkin wreath. You have the best fall decorations...and know how to use them. Thank you Sharon!