Monday, May 23, 2011

Wild Woman Look

My youngest daughter told me one time that no matter who cuts my hair or how they cut it, within a short time I always manage to make it look the same as it has for years.

With that in mind, one morning Wild Bill said he liked my "Wild Woman Look", meaning I hadn't combed my hair yet...I looked in the mirror, but didn't share his enthusiasm. However, since it was different from my usual look, I thought I'd go with it.

After he left for work, I took another look.

Still didn't see the attraction, but maybe some make up would help, me thinks!

ahhhhh, nope. That's not doing it. So maybe I need to get my clothes on to tame the look down...

So I got dressed...

Well, the hair appears to have calm down a little, but needs more time maybe. So I found a chair and sat down for a while to watch the morning news...

hmmm...still not quite as tame as I feel. An hour later, I took another look. Hey, this doesn't look too bad. What'da think???

Whoops, I made a mistake and took a picture of the rear. Man, who used the egg beater???

So out came the hot rollers...yes, I'm the last person on earth who still uses those things! Anyway, the "do" was back to normal. I met Wild Bill for lunch that day and he was real dissappointed the Wild Woman Look was gone. Texans have no taste. You get the picture?


  1. LOL!! Love this post. My hair looks just like that when I get up in the morning.

  2. All yer hair needed was ah hat. That's it, works for me. I'll have to remember the Wild West Hair for me lol! You use hot rollers?????
    Hey jist kidding. Sometimes I make ah pincurl.

  3. Wow. You are a brave woman to post those photos.

  4. Brave or stupid...there's little difference, right?