Thursday, July 1, 2010

Maybe I Have This Corrected

My words are staying in English instead of Hindu, as I discussed in my last post. Only I could run into this problem as I am the least likely person there is to be able to read or speak Hindu. I'm just saying...

My pictures are still showing up as a mumble jumbo to me as I write this, but when I post it will be a picture, so I hope it uploaded or downloaded (whichever it is) the right one.

I was trying to point out in my Post Gone Wild that I got paint on my favorite pants. These pants are at least 10 to 15 years old. They are so old, they are now back in style again with the skinny-jean legging pants look today. It doesn't matter to me because I have worn them at least once a month for as long as I've had them, in style or not. They're quite a look with my Fiddo Diddo tee-shirt I wear, which I rescued when one of the girls discarded it back in the 80's!


  1. Stay tuned for a future picture of Fiddo Diddo t-shirt. God I love those pants and that t-shirt. I still wear my pants twice a week with the paint on them...hoping it will wear/wash off.

  2. Sigh! Only I could fall in love with a woman whose blogs automatically translate into Hindu and wears fiddo diddo t-shirts and out-of-style pants witt paint on them. Every day is interesting with Sugar. And hopefully, my comments won't translate into Hindu.