Thursday, September 17, 2020

Finally Fall And Decorating Dilemmas


The cool weather has finally started showing up for us here in the middle of the country. YAY!

I was looking at old posts on my blog here, trying to figure out what I might have left in my storage bins to decorate with for fall. 

The photos of this pumpkin-scarecrow make me happy. I've loved the scarecrow for many years now, and I believe I kept him. I won't know for sure until I tackle all the bins in the garage.

I have to admit, I made so many bad choices when we sold the house so quickly! The things I loved didn't seem important right then...they were just things after all, right?

Yes that's true, but they were also packed with memories of all our 26 years together. Wild Bill loved to tease me when I started getting out my bins marked FALL. 

He would shake his head and ask (in his best Texan twang) if we were "Ah fixin' to decorate?"  

I was thinking I might skip the fall decorating this year. Maybe I'm a little afraid I got rid of all my fall decor in my haste to get the house cleared out during our move from Texas. 

We sold our house right away. Then the couple buying our house sold their farmhouse in one day after signing our contract. We went from having a month to get things done, to having to get it all done right away as the closing date kept moving sooner and sooner. 

I know for sure I sold and gave away things that I really would've kept if I hadn't been so stressed at the time. Please learn from my mistakes!

I put all the decorations in moving boxes and gave away the old bins marked with the season they held. The boxes were in storage until we bought a house in Mississippi where Wild Bill wanted to continue treatment. 

Oldest Daughter and I moved the storage boxes from Texas to our Mississippi garage right before Wild Bill took a turn for the worst and everything was forgotten for a time. 

When I sold the Mississippi house at the end of Feb, I donated and gave away a lot more than I should have...that's how I ended up here today wondering if any of my favorite fall decorations are in those unmarked bins in the garage? 

I'm going to tackle the bins today, and we'll see in a few days what survived.

Thanks for dropping by!