Friday, June 28, 2013

In The Kitchen

Here's the new island in the kitchen. I plan to put big chunky wheels on the bottom so I can move it when I steam mop the floor.

For now it's temporarily sitting on a rug. I haven't filled it up yet because I'd just have to take everything out when I turn it upside down to attach the wheels.

Middle daughter gave me a chalk pen when I was visiting her a few weeks ago. It's so much easier to write crap on chalkboards with these pens!

The bottle rack from World Market found a home on the new island. No doubt it will move to a new location once I get the counters cleaned off when I put the appliances in the new island. It's so much easier moving these smaller things than couches and such...

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting Ready For The 4th

I bought one too many "old pieces of junk" as Wild Bill calls my garage sale treasures. My car sure was loaded down on my way home from Illinois.

I had to take my clothes out of my rolling duffel, put them in garbage bags, and fit them all around the new kitchen island and other stuff I bought.

Here's what I'm doing with the old kitchen island...

I put it in the breakfast room, which has pretty much been empty until now.

The pot rack hooks at the top make great cup holders. When colder weather comes I plan to make it a coffee/hot chocolate station like I've seen other bloggers do. Love those!

For now I put some little blue and white cups at top in honor of July 4th, and I'm on the lookout for all things red, white and blue in the house.

Wild Bill offered to list it on Craig's for me. Silly guy. I can use it in so many areas of the house!

I think he was really disappointed to know it was staying!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pottery Barn 3-Tier Tray

A while back I finally bought Pottery Barn's 3-tier tray. I had been slobbering over that PB page for quite a while. It looked so good in the catalog.

Not sure I really like it in person. It maybe seems too new? I'm thinking of using some stain to make it look a little older.

I've since seen a lot better looking tiered trays made by various bloggers using old trays or plates, wooden posts or parts of lamps, and various screws.

Next time I think I would make one instead of buy one. How about you?

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Last Island, Honest

I've been on an eternal quest for an island for the center of our kitchen for over 2 years.

I think I finally found "The One"

Please overlook the background. We're in the middle of trying to pick the perfect gray paint color for middle daughter's kitchen.

The back looks just like the front and the doors open from both sides. yay! I'm thinking storage for all the counter-top appliances.

Here's our kitchen and the island we have now. No windows in the kitchen so getting pictures is a problem. sorry.

The kitchen's cabinets are kind of busy, so the pots hanging in the middle of the kitchen just add to the messy look. It doesn't help that I love clutter!

The only picture I have of the kitchen without an island is from Christmas. It just seems like there should be an island in the middle doesn't it?

Wild Bill was relieved to hear the new island is a reproduction and not an old relic dug out of a pile in a dusty shop!
He's not with me on this trip to Illinois, and I think he's worried about what I might drag home.
He probably has a right to worry since I bought the island at the Kane County Flea Market last weekend. So many old things, so little time!

My daughter lives right near it, but she had never heard of the Kane County Flea Market. Luckily I had read about it on Rosemary's blog:

Rosemary often talks about selling at the Kane County Flea Market, but we didn't see her there.

Maybe we'll have to go back again this Saturday?

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Talkin' Bears

Sometimes you get the bear...

Sometimes the bear gets you...


Only 3 months old on the 7th of June and she already knows Grammy can't resist her smile.

Happy Monday!