Thursday, July 30, 2020

Home Goods

Finally got to Home Goods recently...

I may have gotten a little carried away!

I think I spent too much time feeling sorry for myself. The BLESSED pillow reminded me of just how lucky I’ve been in my life. I bought it to remind myself daily...I don’t want to ever forget. 

I planned to put the black and white rug in the kitchen in front of the sink, but at the last minute I changed my mind and took it out of the basket.  Drags!!!  I’ve been to several stores trying to find one again, but so far no luck. 

My favorite stores use to be Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, but both stores have lost there allure for me. Maybe their buyers have changed?  I don’t know what it is, but I don’t find anything I like there anymore. 

So Home Goods has become my number one for now. I’m still on the hunt for that rug so I’m visiting every store in the area until I find one. 

How about you?  What’s your go to store these days?


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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

My Garage With Teeny Apartment Attached

A couple of months ago, I moved into a garage with a small apartment attached. read that right!  

I think my garage is bigger than my apartment...

Garage Door To The Left Of Photo

My teeny apartment is just 750 square feet...but I love it. 

I'm the first one to ever live in it, and it's the first time in my life I've ever lived in a place all by myself. 

Family is close by, and I've got some great neighbors. I'm good!

My Teeny Tiny Front Room

It's a bit of a challenge to decorate and furnish a small place and still be comfortable without being overly cluttered. 

For 2 months it's been pretty bare! I think I'm up to decorating now since stores are starting to open up. 

If you remember, I sold most of my furniture in Texas to the people who bought Rivercrest Cottage. What they didn't buy, I gave away. 

Looking back, it wasn't a smart move. LOL!!! We had two storage units filled with "pretties" and no furniture when we got to Mississippi!

When we bought the Mississippi house, I bought new furniture trying to quickly make it a home for Wild Bill. It felt like we were going to have a fresh start! That didn't work out...

With Wild Bill gone so soon, I gave our new furniture to the people who bought the house and went to hide out stay with Middle Daughter and family here in Illinois. If you read that post, you might remember the family lost their house and everything in a storm 2 days before looking at our house (the first time) with my realtor.

Most of my special "decorating stuff" I have left has to go into the oversized garage in bins. It was love at first sight for the garage...

Length of Garage Is One and A Half

There's a small driveway in front of the garage, so I can leave the car outside and use the garage as an entertaining area. There's no room for a table in my apartment, but in a pinch, I could put folding tables and chairs in the garage if I needed to feed people.

Garage On Left Is Mine, My Porch On Right

I want another ping pong table in the garage like we use to have. That is, if social distancing ever ends. 

Right now there's just me...and lots of stuff! This photo was taken before I went back to Mississippi and picked up my storage stuff.

Illinois tends to get cold. The garage has a wall heater to keep it warm in winter. 

Electric Heater at the top of photo

I won't use it unless I need to do some work out there. I don't think I'd want to pay the bill for heating it more than just a little.

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