Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Chalkboard

The pumpkins and scarecrow are gone.

I will admit I thought about just leaving
them up and pretending I was early for Fall.

I was feeling kind of drab, so I thought I
would go towards the pink and green.

I started with a boxwood heart I
bought for Valentine's Day decorating,
but never got round to it.

Next I added this old platter from
the year 1947.

The pattern is called "Callarose"

I have a "thang" for those little
cups. I think they used them in
coffee shops back when a Cup
of Joe was just a cup, not a tall
or grande and such like today.

Even made in the USA!

I have a big basket of them in
different colors, yet I will still buy
more when I find them in shops.

Here's the old look with the little
pumpkins, pinecones and rusty leaves.

And, here's the new look below.

If you're sayin' it looks like I left 
some of the xmas greens in the
basket...well you'd be right!

It just seemed too plain with only
the platter and the cups below.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sure wish you could stay for a cup
of tea and help me climb up top the
cabinets to get the rest of the Fall
and Christmas decor down.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

About The Pig

I'm still wanting to add more black and
white to contrast with all the drab
brown, especially in the kitchen.

I surrounded the pig with piles of
white plates to bring in more white.

Wild Bill asked if I was actually
going to cook something? 

He seemed a little disappointed
to learn it was just another
decorating binge.

As the saying goes:

"I get the concept of cooking, I just
don't know how it applies to me!"

Mr. Pig is a great tool for adding
a little whimsy to the decor.

I purchased him for $44 about
6 years ago in Salado Texas.

Of course one thing leads to
another, and soon I was tearing
the whole kitchen apart.

About time!

There's still a scarecrow on top
of the cabinet...

And the chalkboard still has
little pumpkins...

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sawdust Girl

Wild Bill subscribes to a lot of
woodworking magazines and
buys many books on the subject,
but I told him all he needs to do
is type in Sawdust Girl!

I heart her.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Black And White For Sure

It hit me recently that I love a
dramatic look. and white dramatic!

With a little touch of gold-ish brown.

I'm not kidding about the black.

I would love black walls like the ones
in these old pictures. I think they're
 from an old issue of the magazine,
Better Homes and Gardens...



It looks like I would need white floors
to pull off the black wall look.

Our kitchen has a sort of white floor.

Maybe I could paint the back wall
below the one cabinet black?

There are wonderful "house" pictures
over on the blog, Hooked on Houses.

Here's the house from the movie,
Something's Got To Give

From Hooked On Houses
I could trim my back wall with thick
trim across the wall above the window,
then paint the wall white below the trim.

 And, in my kitchen, before I paint that
back wall black, I could add shelf
 brackets under the glass cabinet...

Just like they did in the movie

More projects.
It's so fun to dream!
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