Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ever Wished You Hadn't Asked The Questions?

Gampy: "Wow, Mary Hardin Baylor's football team blew out the final game of the season with the college in Kentucky. They're now a division three college."

Me: "What's a division three?"

Gampy: "It's the 3rd one."

Me: "yeah, but is three better or worse? one the best or is three the best?"

Gampy: "Well, there's three sizes of college. Division 1, division 2, and division 3. They are in division...."


Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Worse Cook I Ever Knew

Contrary to our family's opinion, the worse cook I ever knew is not my daughter Jaysa, but a friend name Tina. Tina was such a bad cook, her husband Chet would not eat anything she cooked.

One time I made some great fudge and I gave Tina a plate of it to take home. I worked with Chet, and several days later when Chet still hadn't commented on the great fudge, I finally asked how he liked it. Turns out he hadn't eaten any because he thought Tina was trying to trick him into eating something she made!

Phone call from Tina on Thanksgiving morning 1971:

"Sharon, do turkeys have necks?"

"yes...why do you ask Tina?"

"Because I have my hand up the turkey and I feel something long and stiff. Chet says it's a neck, but I'm not pulling it out until I know for sure!"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Slipper Slip Up

Are these not the cutest little pink slipper-boots? They look big in the picture, but they're only a toddler size 7.

I was at my favorite store - Walmart - last week, and while I usually try to avoid the little girls section, these little slippers pulled me in. See, I raised three daughters and money was always tight back then, so I didn't get to buy them all the "girly-girl" stuff I would've liked to. Now, when I go by the little girls department, I get suckered in real easy!

Once the slippers pulled me in, these little pink "high tops" called my name too... or should I say Little Lily's name? She loves to wear tennies, even with her dresses.

Of course, next to the shoes were the little leggings and tops. At $3.50 a piece they were too cheap to pass up. Especially cute was a little black shirt with a red candy cane on it and black sparkle leggings.

I got back home and decided to put the pile into a mailing envelop so I could get it in the mail before I forgot to send them. I tried and tried, but not everything would fit. But I did get the package in the mail last Friday and I'm looking forward to seeing if the high-tops are a hit.

Unfortunately, still sitting on my table are the little slippers that started it all. I told you not everything would fit! Dang...I need to get them in the mail before they talk me into buying something else.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not Really A Cook, But I Can Mix

Lots of bloggers are apparently good cooks, unfortunately I'm not. But I can mix stuff up to create a homemade taste. We eat out a lot, but lately I've been trying to eat at home simply because it's healthier and has more fiber.

Here's a quickie way to mix up some cherry cobbler:

Start with a can of cherry pie mix and a can of cherries. Mix them together. Put the mixture in a baking dish.

For the topping: mix a half cube of softened butter, about 1/3 cup of flour and 2/3 cup of oatmeal. Add enough light brown sugar to make you satisfied with the sweetness of it. We tend to use less than most people would, so you be the judge. If pressed for an exact amount, I'd say 1/3 of a cup of brown sugar.

Slop this mixture in globs randomly around the top of the cherry mixture. Bake at about 350 for about 30 mins, or until the cherries are bubbling and the crumbled top is light brown. Add some ice cream if you like. We like it best hot out of the oven. You get the picture.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Excuse Me, I'm Walking Here

To the old lady with the walker who knocked me out of the way at Walmart yesterday: No, I'm NOT trying to "hold up progress" as you stated, I simply over did it a little at yoga on Wednesday.

And, to anyone who happened to be at yoga Wednesday and gave me quizzical looks on the way out: No... there is no name for the position the teacher put me in with my legs up in the air against the wall. I know you probably never seen a person in that position before, hell, neither have I. She simply felt I had had my head down way too long in the downward dog position! How was I to know she didn't mean to stay there for that long?

Anyway, long story short, don't go full throttle in yoga class when you've been gone for over a month. You may have trouble walking for a few days...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'll Never Be Shirley

When I was in elementary school, every Fall my mother would be overcome by the need to correct a problem that mother nature screwed up...that being (in her opinion) my lack of curly locks. I think she was way too taken with Shirley Temple and must've been utterly disappointed in my stringy, dishwater blond hair.

So, being confident she didn't need any beauty school training, she would take on the job of perming and cutting my hair, usually the NIGHT BEFORE the pictures were taken. Ugh! The result was my hair was usually fried and frizzy, and cut in a peculiar style that could only come from the need to cut off as much frizz as possible, no matter how odd the cut came out!

Note the short, short bangs and uneven bottom hair in the picture above. Every year it was the same. Imagine my surprise when my little sister told me how she would wear a coat to school on picture day (even though in Sonoma California it's "Indian Summer" during Fall and usually hot) so that she could pull it over her head and hide her "hairdo" our mom fashioned for her too.

Some styles never go out of fashion.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Magic In Your Cupboard

In your cupboard are good old fashion products that can be used for a variety of things, from beautifying your skin to scrubbing your pots and pans. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. If you're stuck on chemically-laden commercial products, you're going to laugh at these ideas, but try them and you just might save a few bucks and avoid unnecessary chemicals in the products you use.

My favorite skin care product is good old baking soda. Since I've been using it to scrub my face every other day for the last 3 months, my skin is improving. I threw out all the commercial face scrubs and now keep the plastic shaker bottle of baking soda in the shower. I mix baking soda with inexpensive CerVae liquid face cleanser (recommended by my dermatologist and easily found in CVS and other drugstores) and gently rub the mixture into my face. Gradually it is creating a layer of fresh healthy skin. I also use baking soda on a variety of other things, like scrubbing pots and pans, cleaning the glass cooking top of the stove, and even cleaning the kitchen sink.

Olive oil is good for your body, both inside and out. Moisturize with it at night and use it instead of butter on your bread. My mother-in-law and aunt went to Spain a few years back and olive oil was served with every huge meal. Although they ate meals twice as big as they normally would have at home, they both lost over 15 pounds in just 2 weeks.

Incidentally, if you have stainless steel appliances, put a little olive oil on a cloth (just a drop or two) and use it to clean the front of your refrigerator or other stainless steel appliance. This works better than any of the commercial products on the market. I know because I bought a ton of them until someone told me about this little trick.

I feel best when I use organic apple cider vinegar on my vegetables (spinach, brussel sprouts, salad) and put a little in a room-temperature glass of water. Acid reflux can be reduced by simply taking a small dose of this water-vinegar mix each day.

I use the cheaper version, white vinegar, to make my dishes shine by adding it to the dishwasher or putting it into a sink full of suds. Additionally, your clothes will come out softer if you add it to your washing machine, and it will clean out your washer while it's working on your clothes. Add white vinegar to your coffee maker or tea kettle and it will clean out the gunk left by hard water. I've also heard it leaves your hair squeaky clean, and cleans windows when used with a bucket of water and some old bed-sheets or newspaper to dry.

Well, I'm sure you'll think of some other uses for these little bottles of magic. Think how many products you could replace with just the four of them. And the side benefit is how many chemicals you won't have to slather on, breathe in, or smell.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Putting The Fall In Fall

This is the view from the ground near my Mother's porch after I fell off of it.

It was my second day in California and I was looking back at her laughing at something she said and forgot there was a step there. My ankle twisted, terrible pain, but I thought for a second I wasn't going down. For a moment I thought I could stabilize myself. For a moment I thought all was going to be OK.

Then I toppled like a tree being felled at the bottom. A little wobble and over I went.

My thought going down was 'thank goodness I've been doing yoga for a month.' ...Like that was going to save me.

Mom said, "Lay still for a while and relax and send good thoughts down your body." That wasn't hard to do since I was afraid to move to the point of paralysis. I willed every part of my body to relax and be well.

After a bit, I pulled my purse over and took out my camera. Like a good blogger, I didn't want to miss a chance to capture the moment. I got a picture of her concerned face, staring down at me. I think she was probably wondering how the hell she was going to get me up!

I got a picture of the ground and her feet.

I got a picture of the roof.

I handed the camera to her and said take a picture of me by the flowers. She did. At least she got the flowers.

I took one last picture of her pool, hoping I'd never have another opportunity to get it from this view again.

When I finally got up, my ankle hurt like hell. But I was able to hobble to the car and go to dinner. A few days of taking it easy and I was able to get around pretty well.

And, by the way, I really do think the yoga helped by making me limber enough to withstand the fall. A month ago I would've broken something for sure.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Utterly Pragmatic

I raised 3 daughters so I'm clueless when it comes to little boys. When the girls were little a cookie making session would usually end up being a competition to see who made the prettiest. Sometimes it was even hard for the maker to actually eat her cookie being that she was so proud of her accomplishment!

Imagine my complete surprise when I read oldest daughter Jenn's blog (she's the Whole Jenny on the bloglist on right) and saw Tucker's cookie. I learned today that pragmatism beats pretty every time. Tucker chose to plaster chocolate chips on his cookie instead of "pretty-ing" it up as a Jack-O-Lantern. In his 4-year-old male mind the choice was easy, where as not so easy for a girl. And who actually would be the ultimate winner here?

I'm thinking Tucker should play one of the wise men for Christmas. You get the picture.