Saturday, November 6, 2010

Putting The Fall In Fall

This is the view from the ground near my Mother's porch after I fell off of it.

It was my second day in California and I was looking back at her laughing at something she said and forgot there was a step there. My ankle twisted, terrible pain, but I thought for a second I wasn't going down. For a moment I thought I could stabilize myself. For a moment I thought all was going to be OK.

Then I toppled like a tree being felled at the bottom. A little wobble and over I went.

My thought going down was 'thank goodness I've been doing yoga for a month.' ...Like that was going to save me.

Mom said, "Lay still for a while and relax and send good thoughts down your body." That wasn't hard to do since I was afraid to move to the point of paralysis. I willed every part of my body to relax and be well.

After a bit, I pulled my purse over and took out my camera. Like a good blogger, I didn't want to miss a chance to capture the moment. I got a picture of her concerned face, staring down at me. I think she was probably wondering how the hell she was going to get me up!

I got a picture of the ground and her feet.

I got a picture of the roof.

I handed the camera to her and said take a picture of me by the flowers. She did. At least she got the flowers.

I took one last picture of her pool, hoping I'd never have another opportunity to get it from this view again.

When I finally got up, my ankle hurt like hell. But I was able to hobble to the car and go to dinner. A few days of taking it easy and I was able to get around pretty well.

And, by the way, I really do think the yoga helped by making me limber enough to withstand the fall. A month ago I would've broken something for sure.


  1. Thank heaven you weren't seriously injured. You did get some very interesting shot while you down.

  2. You are the greatest mom to ever walk the earth. I mean, really. You crack me up.

  3. I will try again to type. I am having teary eyes that blur my vision. I had a hard time catching my breath and my tummy hurts. I think it was something I read.
    I am glad you are alright and the money spent on yoga was well spent. Like a true blogger you shared your moment like ah trooper. ;-)

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  5. I was trying to say -

    I was totally proud of you for being a good blogger and getting those shots and then I thought, man, the crazy sure doesn't fall far from the tree.