Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day Distraction...The Little French Farmhouse

It's tax day and I'm looking for a little distraction. In my computer are still the pictures of the little french farmhouse that sits below us. I still yearn a little for the farmhouse and can't wait for them to finish it. These pictures were taken last Fall. There's going to be a parade of homes going on the first of May. I'm hoping the builder will finish the house and have it up for showing. I can't wait to see what his wife the designer did with the kitchen. Meanwhile, even with the 3-day extension, Wild Bill and I are working on our taxes at this late date! We won't have to pay anything, so I guess that's why we've procrastinated so. Wild Bill was scheduled for knee surgery 2 weeks ago, but it was postponed due to a fluke on an EKG, which required a whole slew of cardiological tests ending in a chemical stress test (cuz he can't walk) just to find out he's perfectly fine. With a little luck, he'll get his knee fixed this Wednesday and will be walking again within a week or two.
Meanwhile, here's the inside of the little french farmhouse below us. This is the back door going out into a nice backyard. The room is meant to be a gathering room next to the kitchen.

This is the hallway coming in from the garage. The back door is way back behind me. I'm stepping out of one of the smaller bedrooms. All three bedrooms have their own bathroom. One of the features I love about the house.

Here's the entry way. The windows to the left of the door are where a little breakfast area is. The builder plans to make a little garden in front of the house, outside the front door. Around the corner of the garage there is another door going into the kitchen.

Here's looking out the front bedroom window. Hope to see this finished soon. You know I will be taking pictures to share with you once it gets finished. Meanwhile, back to those taxes!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lonely After Company

The middle daughter and husband brought their 1-year old and dog to visit for almost a week and I cannot believe I didn't take one picture! I'm depending on the daughter to send some I can post, meantime, I can't believe how lonely it is when everyone is gone and there you sit. Empty-nesters is an apt description for Wild Bill and me. This nest feels real empty today!