Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Past And Present

Life goes on... 

even when it surprises you at how normal everything is despite your whole world changing.

I'm determined to get a Christmas post on here, so I'm posting some photos from years past.

I love these small green trees. You can find them at Trader Joe's at Christmas time each year.

My dad's A's hat from February1994, the year he died. Wild Bill and I became a couple a year later so they never had a chance to meet. 

I hope Bill and Dad have had a chance to meet in Heaven, along with the little granddaughter we never got a chance to meet and my old dog Ginger I lost in 1991.

With the little ones around our Middle daughter's house, we see a lot of Smarty (the Elf-On-A-Shelf) instead of the old Santa's I usually like to display. 

Maybe next year I'll decorate...this year I'm just hoping for a white Christmas still.

May your Christmas be merry this year and

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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Last Day Together

Wild Bill said goodbye to his small circle of girls early in the morning of Tuesday, December 3rd.

Our three daughters flew in as soon as they could when the kindest of hospice nurses came on duty the day before (Monday morning) and explained we only had hours left to say our goodbyes.

We will always be grateful for her advice that waiting for our long-planned family Christmas together was no longer an option. 

Tickets were bought, planes were boarded...phone calls were made along the route "just in case" and to keep in contact.

I leave you with my favorite photos of the guy who changed my life so much and proved to me that life can begin after 40. 

Our favorite song was "Since I Met You Baby" and I will always remember him when I hear that song. 

And hear it I will because a few years ago he made me a CD of every version he could find of the song, from Ivory Joe Hunter to Jose Feliciano!

Livvie's pack horse.

Henry chasing Grampy.

At a daughter's wedding.

Wedding Day, 1997

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