Friday, November 18, 2011

Stretching Decorating Dollars

If your Halloween decorations included hay bales (don't laugh, some do) here's a way to stretch out their usefulness. The little town of Belton used their Fall hay bale decorations to make rustic decorations around the four squares of their town.

To be even can break up the hay bales come Spring and make walkways around your garden.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life's Short

I was looking at some random pictures taken yesterday and noted the blaring sign right next to my head in this picture. It's nice to see that Baskin-Robbins and I share the same philosophy.

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Trip To The Garden

When we told my little granddaughter, Lily, that we were going to Olive Garden, she asked us if we were going to see flowers. HUH??? It went completely over my head (after all, she's a worldly two) and her mother explained it to me by putting a heavy emphasis on "Olive...GARDEN"

Lily's favorite part was putting sugar in my tea for me and licking the sugar off the edge of the packet while keeping a side-long glance at her mother to make sure Mom hadn't seen her do it.

Life is so much better with a 2-year-old around to ensure you remember the best things in life are, indeed, free.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Road Trip

I left home early one morning headed toward Albuquerque NM, first stop on a trip out to the West Coast. I skipped breakfast and was on a road trip high, so I didn't want to stop for long. When I got gas, I managed to round up quite a collection of anti-boredom/anti-sleep foods to help pep me up. The chocolate and soda I hoped would give me enough caffeine and a sugar-high to keep me awake. I figured if that failed, I could crunch on some Cheetos. And, my last resort would be to down the little bottle of some sort of caffeine fix that the guy at the truck stop counter assured me would do the trick. When the sugar and chocolate had little effect on me, I tried drinking the bottle of caffeine -- just to find out the stuff tastes like crap.

The scenery between Texas and Albuquerque is barren and scrubby. But the skies are the prettiest you'll ever see. Believe me, without those bug splattered bodies on that windshield, that sky is as blue as indigo.

Next stop...Albuquerque!

Wandering The Blogasphere

I was reading a few blogs via links on blogs I usually follow and I came across one that really made me laugh.

Seems this woman and her husband were sitting at home minding their own business when a drunk took the corner by their house too fast and drove his truck into the curb by their house. Her husband went out to investigate. The drunk blacked out behind the wheel, but woke up when her husband got to the car.

The funny part was, her husband chased the guy's car down the street shouting the license plate out and yelling to this woman to write down the license plate numbers. But...she hadn't eaten breakfast and said when she got up too fast, got a head-rush, and SHE passed out on her front lawn from the excitement.

I may have a sick sense of humor because I am still laughing so hard I can barely type this. All I could think was 'I wonder what the neighbors thought?'
Check it out. I can't even make up this stuff!