Friday, November 18, 2011

Stretching Decorating Dollars

If your Halloween decorations included hay bales (don't laugh, some do) here's a way to stretch out their usefulness. The little town of Belton used their Fall hay bale decorations to make rustic decorations around the four squares of their town.

To be even can break up the hay bales come Spring and make walkways around your garden.


  1. Now that's a lesson in "Waste Not-Want Not". I love it!!!

  2. Round here the Amish's horses would chew on it...;-)

  3. Very thrifty but I think the Amish horses Nancy speaks of would make a lovely sight chomping away on it!

    I have passed the versatile blogger award to you as I read this blog regularly and find it fun, informative and ....well....versatile.

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  4. Linda, I like this...rustic, creative, unique!