Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Fall Is Coming Soon...I Need A Porch To Decorate!

We were so close to having a house to decorate for fall!

I saw some cute fall decor ideas over at 2 BEES IN A POD and really got excited! We were closing soon...

Our closing was scheduled for tomorrow -- Thursday -- though we didn't have a time, which worried me a little.  

We also didn't have an exact $$ amount, which worried me even more! 

We had done everything on our part, and so had the realtors and the builder too...

These photos were taken when we first saw the house

On Monday, we did a walkthrough with the builder and realtors. The wood floors were shining and the protective paper was removed from the floor.

All four of us had blue painter's tape, which we tore off and marked the cosmetic problems as we went through the house. Wild Bill sat it out on the fireplace ledge, but he cheered us on.

I must confess...the builder tagged every little ding he found... I hardly did anything but admire the rooms as we went through and, of course, I was decorating it all in my head!

We're going gray this time!

Early Monday morning the lawyer from the title company had called and said she was doing last minute calculations for our part of the closing costs, etc., and she would email me a figure that afternoon to give to our bank so they could send the funds.

All the lights will be replaced once we move in

I called back Tuesday and got her secretary. She said she personally would call me with the info soon as all the lawyers in town were in a training conference that day.

Today, Wednesday, we called with our relator from his office..."still trying to put the numbers together...yada, yada, yada..."

Wild Bill, our realtor, and I discussed the pros and cons and decided to postpone the closing for a week. This gives the title company time to get it together and gives us time to take a short trip and breathe a little. 

We have learned to roll with the punches during our month of living in hotels and looking at houses. What can go wrong, will go wrong after all! 

Meanwhile, I've been visiting your blogs and looking for fall ideas to pin. I can't wait for the cool weather to arrive...can you?

Thanks for dropping by!