Monday, June 27, 2016

Mile High Pie, Oh My!

When I think of pie, my mind returns to the Blue Bonnet Cafe in the small town of Marble Falls here in Texas. 
Last month we started talking about the Blue Bonnet Cafe one morning and ended up on a 2-day trip to the "Hill Country" just to have a couple of meals at the Blue Bonnet. Yeah...We Crazy...but look: 

The people there are so friendly, it doesn't take much to feel at home. I asked if I could take pictures and the staff opened all the glass doors for me so I could get a good picture. What kind of pie do you think I ordered? I'll tell you later...

Texas Monthly magazine runs a yearly contest for Texans to vote on favorite restaurants and the Blue Bonnet Cafe wins the vote for the number one breakfast place in all of Texas, and the cafe also places in the top 10 restaurants overall. 

Photo From Blue Bonnet Cafe Website
Not bad for a little place that's been in business since 1929 and is in an out-of-the-way place like Marble Falls.
The town has literally grown up around the cafe. Every time we go there, the front yard gets smaller. The road in front has been widened to the point that you have to enter in the back door and exit out the front door. 
Here's the back door where you go in. Sometimes the line can wrap around the walkway and wind all the way out to the parking lot in back.
Around the left corner of the picture is the front of the cafe. As you're leaving, you pay at the counter right next to the front door and exit out the front door.
 The walk around the building and back to the parking lot helps you to work off a few of the calories you took in from the pie. It's a pretty walk too past bright desert flowers.

Be sure to bring cash or checks when you visit, no debit or credit cards accepted.
Inside, while waiting for a seat, there's a wall full of pictures and newspaper articles from all the years gone by. The large red ribbon in the case says 70 Years  and that ribbon is from 1989!!!

We drove to Marble Falls and had dinner at the Blue Bonnet, then found a place to spend the night high above the water. 
It was a beautiful view from our top floor hotel room, but I don't do well with heights so the table and chairs on the balcony were wasted on me. I shot this picture out the sliding glass door with all but one foot still inside the room.
The next morning, we had breakfast at the Blue Bonnet Cafe before we left town and drove further west to Fredericksburg. 

As for my pie, if you guessed lemon with the mile-high meringue, you guessed right! I enjoyed every bite of it too, nothing went to waste.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What To Do With A Cabinet Color?

I like yellow, but not in our house any longer. My little china cabinet is yellow and I'm thinking of changing the color. I have five colors in mind so far.
My little cabinet is kind of like these two cabinets below, but I think they're prettier. First there's a blue one, but the blue is maybe too colorful for me. I feel like Goldilocks right now!
Second is a white one, but let's face it...I've already painted most of the stuff in the house bright white like this cabinet.
Right now, black and white together look real good to me. These photos are from the blog Looks Like White.
I'm also smitten with a barely there color and lots of distressing, like this pale green cabinet I saw at Three French Hen's shop in Wildwood Missouri a while back.
Maybe something a little off white? Just to take the yellowish edge off? Love this one...
and, also this one from Laurieanna's shop down in Canton Texas. 
So you see, I'm open to anything but yellow. Although, come to think of it, Miss Mustard Seed has some pretty yellows in her paint line, but then I'm right back where I started. Have you any ideas for me? 

Joining Amy at Love Made My Home for her Five On Friday party today. Come check out what others are doing this week.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Street Corner Paradise

Would you believe this little piece of paradise sits on a street corner in a little town in the middle of nowhere?

We were on our recent northern Alabama road trip when we happened upon the little garden shop in the little town of Arab. It was like an oasis! Here's a view of the other side of the sidewalk...
The little garden shop sits on a corner that use to house a Farmer's Exchange where, according to this marker, farmers in the early 1900's use to bring their crops in and exchange them for dry goods like flour and sugar.
I was quite taken with the dichotomy of the harsh, dry roadway smack dab next to all these beautiful flowers and plants. Wild Bill not so much.
He thought I'd lost my mind when I screeched to a halt and wandered through the garden and store for almost an hour. I had to soak it all in...and he had to make it to the next destination on his map. It would've been a standoff, but I was driving!

Inside the little shop, which was an old building with original doors and floors and rusty metal on the walls, was a mix of pigs and ivy and everything imaginable.

I was so sorry I had forgotten my camera, but that didn't stop me from using my phone's camera to take it all in.
Out the back door, more lovely flowers greeted me in the shade as I emerged.  

Due to limited room in the pick-up cab, I bought just this little treasure below to remind me of the tiny corner garden shop. Three rusty little bottle stoppers to hold candles. I'm sure you already guessed that Wild Bill was relieved it didn't have to be watered!

The candle holders are perfect for a project I'm working on. Here's one last view of those pretty flowers by the shop's back door before I go...

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