Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Iced In...Texas Style

About once a year we get iced in.
It's a Texas thing.

When snow comes down it's wet here.
The snow is wet I mean.

Some places I've lived the snow is drier.
But here, the snow is wet and when the sun
comes out it starts to melt the snow, then it gets
cold again and the melted snow turns to ice. 

More snow, more melt, then more freeze,
so...more ice!

Last Sunday the snow/freeze/ice thing started
in the afternoon. We've been iced in for 2 days.
No one went anywhere.

Finally this afternoon the big thaw started and
we were able to get out of our driveway. YAY!

I didn't go outside this time to take pictures,
but here's a picture from Dec 2013:
We were iced in for 4 days back then.

I know people in Boston with their big banks of
snow would laugh at us. But if you've ever tried to
walk or drive on a sheet of ice you'd understand.

Thanks for skidding dropping in!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Whole Food Your Face

Did you know that you can save a lot of money
on skin care products and improve your skin
and complexion by slathering on grease?

Well a nicer term is cooking oil, but I wanted
to get your attention. I know this sounds counter
intuitive, but it really has worked for me!
And if it works on me, it will work on anyone.

For 8 years, I've had a severe case of Rosacea.
Just a little salsa, just a little sip of wine, just a 
little bit of sunshine and my face breaks out in
bumps and stuff you don't want me to describe.
Then again, sometimes it even breaks out for
no reason at all.

I have been to six dermatologists over the years.
I have tried every product and skin care line,
every cream that burns like hell and costs a
small fortune (you name it, I've tried it)
and still my skin erupted all the time. 

For the last 2 months, I've gone "Whole Food"
on my face. At night, I slather organic coconut
oil on my face. I wear it into the shower and
use a warm wash cloth to gently remove the
coconut oil. 

When I get out of the shower, I smear organic
California brand olive oil all over my face, eyes,
lips, neck...well, you get the picture.

My skin is clear. My pores have shrunk.
The spider viens on my chin are disappearing.
I still get a bump or two at times, but I just put
some of either oil on it and it goes away. I've
stopped wearing foundation and now only wear
a tinted sunscreen daily.

I have to give credit to our oldest daughter, who got
us interested in the whole food lifestyle. Several years
ago Jenn lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off.
 She accomplished that by following a mostly Paleo and
 Primal lifestyle and getting off her butt more. We are
very proud of her, and I'll tell you about it some time.
But, for now, I want to stick with the skin issue.

One issue discussed on Paleo blogs and books is
the benefit to one's skin and complexion when you eat
less processed foods by sticking with whole foods and
eating more of the Omega 3 oils. If it works for the
inside of the body, it only makes sense that the
Omega 3 oils would be good for skin care too.

Interested in finding out more? Here's some resources:

Books On The Subject...

Great Posts On Subject:

Tinted Sunscreen I Use For Foundation,
Chemical Free:

I use to buy this tinted sunscreen from my
 dermatologist, but recently purchased it directly
via Amazon. It's $22 per tube, but lasts months.
I use it daily as my only foundation.

Thanks for dropping by today.

All recommendations are truly my own.
No one paid me or gave me any of these products.
This routine has worked for me. I hope you'll also
leave a comment if you have something that has
worked well for you.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Easy Cream Cheese Danish...Delish!

When I read Dee's blog post this morning, I knew
I would have to make her Cream Cheese Danish
recipe. Dee's blog is called Dressing Our Nest
and her recipe is so easy, even I succeeded on
the first try!
I did make a few changes to the recipe she posted.
First I added a squeese of lemon to the cream cheese
filling, then I sprinkled a few blackberries on top
 of the filling before closing it up. 
 This was really as easy as indicated in the original
post...and so good!
The recipe calls for Pillsbury crescent rolls,
softened cream cheese, a little bit of milk, one
egg, and some powdered sugar.

For the recipe and directions, go to Dee's blog.

Thank you Dee for posting this wonderful recipe.
And thank you all for dropping in today.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Looks Like White's Blog

I took a vow at the first of the year to stop
painting everything white.
Therein lies the problem...
I haven't painted a thing since.

I find myself looking at pins and stored photos
and of course everything is white.
I wander over to one of my favorite blogs:

Looks Like White

But, I have noticed lately she is actually using
more color and even has yellow and gray sections.

Here's what her blog used to look like before
she went to the dark colorful side.
 Looks Like White
 Looks Like White
 Looks Like White
 Looks Like White

Looks Like White

Every time I look at one of these pictures,
I think "Dang, I could paint ___ white."

I really am trying to think up another color.
Meanwhile, finding me dreaming at